Urban Decay Eyeliner – The Perfect Solution For Busy Women

Everyone knows that eyeliner can break or make your makeup look. With so many options on the market, how do you know which one is the best for you? You may be one of those types of people who has a collection of liners in their makeup bag, but you never want to use any of them.

Out of all of the beauty products that exist, eyeliners require careful choosing. Don’t be afraid to take your time to find the perfect one for you. Once you do, you will wonder how you ever lived without it. Having to decide on a new eye product every time you run out is both time-consuming and tiring.

You never know if you are making the right choice until you try it, so it always helps to read reviews and find out about others’ experiences.

Choosing the proper eye makeup for you and your needs is a matter of personal preference, but there are some tips to keep in mind when looking.

How To Approach Your Purchase


Following are some things to consider when choosing the best eyeliner:

  • Are you very active and like to make sure that your eye makeup lasts no matter what may come your way? Is swimming a part of your daily routine?
  • Are you looking for eye makeup that will last throughout a night of partying or are you searching for one that is invincible to tears?
  • Do you find that the average pencil is difficult to put on as it doesn’t go on smoothly?
  • Do you like eye makeup with a little extra shine and color?

Knowing what you need your makeup for and what kind of occasions you will use it for, will help to take away much of the guess work when shopping. Once you determine the use you will get out of it, you can then decide on the must-have features that you need in your liner.

Below you will find the best gel eyeliner around which offers plenty of benefits. And that may answer your questions above with the ideal coverage and easy use. Check out the Urban Decay Ultra Intense Waterproof Gel Eyeliner.


Product Specs

At only 0.3 ounces, this lightweight liner is perfect for carrying around with you, no matter where you keep it. From your pocket to your purse, it’s the eyeliner that makes it easy to always have on hand. This product is available in many different colors. That provides a variety that can suit any personality. Bourbon, Stash, and Zero, Asphyxia, Delinquent, and Empire are anything but boring. And these are just some of the many colors that Urban Decay offers in this range. One thing is certain, this eye product adds style to your wardrobe and makeup.

What To Expect

Arte are tired of trying to apply your eyeliner easily and effortlessly only to find that it doesn’t go on as smoothly as you would like? You will be very pleased with the texture of this eyeliner. You could say that this Urban Decay 24 7 eyeliner is the king of smooth eyeliners.

It also has a slight glimmer that helps to dress up your look without being glittery. It does have a smooth texture that allows for easy application, because it dries after 30 seconds. But it’s also a dependable eye product that won’t smudge easily. This is of course, what every woman wants in their eye makeup.

This Urban Decay eye makeup may be easy to apply, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it lasts throughout the day. In fact, don’t expect to be able to just rub it off while washing your face. Because it truly does work as a smudge-free makeup, you will need to take it off with eye makeup remover.

Above all, you can expect quality in this product as Urban Decay is well-known for its excellent products.

What Are The Benefits To This Product

If you are looking for an eyeliner that you can depend on for any occasion, this may be the one that you’ve been searching for. Following are the top benefits from using this Urban Decay eyeliner:

  • A lot of eyeliners can make our eyes look incredibly beautiful. Or they can make us look like we stayed up all night partying. It’s difficult to find an eyeliner that doesn’t smudge through your long days at work or nights out with friends. You may have seen other girls with what seems to be flawless eyeliner that doesn’t smudge or go off, no matter what adventure you may go on.
    While many people may believe in magic, there is most likely no sorcery going on here. That flawless look is typically due to smudge-proof eye makeup. This Urban Decay liquid eyeliner is one of those special ones that promises to help you stay free of those unsightly smudges that can completely ruin your look.
  • Something else that makes this eyeliner an ideal option for many is that it is also the best waterproof eyeliner around. While it may seem like a contradiction that it has a smooth texture but holds up to water, it isn’t a lie. This product dries after application ensuring that it can stand up to any drama (or rain) that may come your way.
  • For the woman who loves her variety in shoes, bags and eyeliner, she will love the vast assortment of colors that Urban Decay offers in this product. There are some more subtle colors for everyday use while there are other options for those times when you want to dress yourself up. “Baked” is a favorite color among many. As is “Rock Star,” but you can decide for yourself which one makes your eyes stand out like never before.
  • While glitter is most definitely out of style, a little bit of shimmer is a trendy way to add some excitement to your makeup routine. This Urban Decay makeup has just the right amount of glimmer to make you feel dressed up and ready-to-go at a moment’s notice.
  • One reason why many people love this product is that it promises the ability to stay on for many hours of use. While some women have their makeup routine perfected throughout the day, others may not even have the time for that 5-minute escape to do a retouch. That’s where long-lasting 24/7 eyeliner makes all the difference. And while this makeup may not stay on for a full 24 hours (if we’re honest), it stays on for many more hours than most.

As you can see above, the benefits to using this gel liner are many. It is, undoubtedly, the go-to eyeliner that you have been looking for. It can provide you with that reliable use that you need for the long days at work or events where you want to make sure that your makeup looks flawless, no matter what.

When To Use It

You can use this eyeliner for any occasion. But it is particularly nice for those occasions when you want your makeup to stand out a little. Whether you have a wedding to go to or a date to spruce up for. The Urban Decay eyeliner will help you make sure that your look is “on point” for any event or occasion.

It can be used for those times when you know that you’ll be busy all day. And you won’t have much time to worry about your makeup. Or it can be that special addition to your makeup routine for those days when you really want to stand out.

Application Tips And Tricks

Some of us apply our makeup in a hurry without taking time to put it on correctly. And then we wonder why it doesn’t look so great. To ensure that you always have an eye-catching look, no matter what, make sure to try the following tips and tricks for a smudge-free and drama-free application:

  • Pull your skin around your eye for flat application of your eyeliner. For those who may have wrinkles around their eyes or smaller eyelids, creamy eye products like this one can tend to look splotchy or uneven. And pulling your skin helps to provide you with a smoother look and easier application.
  • Apply the eye makeup by pointing it down and not up. This ensures that there are no gaps of skin between your eyelash line and where you’ve drawn the eyeliner.
  • If you want to ensure that you have a more natural and subtle look, add some eyeshadow above the liner. Then blend it in with a brush. It will help to soften the line, if that’s what you want.

Most of all, go slow when applying your makeup. Give yourself extra time to get ready. It’s the best way to ensure that you don’t end up with messy eyeliner or smudged makeup. It’s worth it!

What To Use It With

There are no rules here when it comes to what you can use this eye makeup with. In fact, because of the assortment of colors and the extra shimmer in the eyeliner make it ideal for any experience where you want to dress up. Of course, there is a way to make it stand out even more. You could consider using the Urban Decay Perversion Mascara to really make your eyes stand out.

Your liner already has some color to it. If you chose any color other than black, you will want to consider what eyeshadow colors will blend well with it. If you chose a blue liner, for example, you may want to avoid choosing a blue eyeshadow (it’s not time to go back to the 90’s yet). And perhaps go with a light beige or cream color to let the liner take the spotlight.

Is This Eyeliner For You?

If one could speak for everyone, the answer would be yes. But everybody has their personal preferences when it comes to choosing products as personal as makeup. Following are some reasons why you may want to pick this Urban Decay product. It can be the one that you depend on for any and every occasion:

  • You want an eye product that will provide you with the reliable use that you need for those long days at work. You always want to look good but you work long hours. And you need eye makeup that will last through it all.
  • You are often in contact with water or worry about your makeup getting messed up from rain, tears, or water. Waterproof eye makeup is what you are looking for to ensure that you stay looking “fine” no matter the weather.
  • You want something that is easy to apply but that won’t smudge easily. Eye makeup like this Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil ensures that you will have a smudge-free look throughout your day.

If what you are looking for is quality for a fair price, this may be the winner for you. Because it features waterproof and smudge-proof ability, it’s the kind of eye makeup that you can depend on for those occasions when you know that you won’t be able to or want to worry about how you look.

It adds a bit of fun and flavor with special colors. And the added shimmer helps it draw attention to and bring out those beautiful eyes. If you want long-lasting coverage and that perfect makeup look that would make anyone envious, this eyeliner is definitely the one for you.

Where To Buy

You can go to your local drug store or other specialty makeup provider. But one of the easiest, fastest and cheapest ways is to head over to Amazon. You will find that prices are consistently low. And if you already have a Prime subscription then you could have it at your door the following day.

You can save the hassle of having to drive somewhere only stand in queues. In a busy daily routine that can seem like more stress than it’s worth. The above price check links will bring you straight through to an order page.

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