How To Put On The Perfect Makeup In 10 Minutes

A hectic schedule is no excuse to leave home looking frazzled and washed out.  On days when the clock seems to tick faster than usual, you do not have to worry about looking less than perfect because it is possible to look amazing in 9 easy steps! We have created a complete makeup guide, to help you start the day feeling confident and ready to take on the world.

Now that nude or barely there makeup is hot this season, less effort and time are needed to step out looking naturally gorgeous. However, nude doesn’t mean zero makeup – it simply means enhancing your natural features with less makeup.

You can skip dark palettes, intense contouring shades and heavy makeup bases to achieve a perfect au natural look.

Here are the steps to applying makeup in just 10 minutes.

Step 1. Cleanse and Moisturize.

Prep up your skin by washing your face with mild cleanser and gentle flannel.  Then moisturize your face and neck with a lightweight day cream. Massage your face lightly to get rid of puffiness or fluid buildup.

Whether you’re in a rush or too tired, never skip this step because makeup adheres better on to a clean and hydrated skin.

Step 2.  Even Out Complexion.

If you are blessed with clear skin, use a tinted moisturizer, BB cream or CC cream to warm up your complexion.

Begin at the center of your face and smoothen it outwards.  Apply it with brush or sponge.  If you want a sheer coverage, use your fingers instead.

If it can’t be helped, you can use foundation but only on areas that you feel need extra coverage. Blend well to avoid cakey finish.

Step 3.  Add Highlight. 

This will add a glow to your face and make you look more alive.  Blend highlighter under the brow bone, on the apple of the cheeks, bridge of the nose, inner corner of the eye, Cupid’s bow and center of the eyelids.

The key here is to strobe the areas where you want to draw light.  This is a beautiful “perk me up” step so do not skip it.

Step 4.  Conceal Imperfections.

Dot concealer on problem areas such as dark circles.  Use a small flat brush to apply concealer under your eyes and anywhere else where there’s residual redness.

Swipe the brush and gently pat the areas with your ring finger to blend.  If you have redness on the eyelids, use an eyelid primer. If you do not have a primer on hand, you can use concealer instead.

Step 5.  Set the Foundation and Shine.

Use a translucent powder that’s very close to your skin tone.  With a fluffy brush, dust the powder lightly on your face. Use sparingly so you won’t end up looking too caky. For a dewy finish avoid the spots where you applied highlighter.

Step 6.  Apply Blush.

Choose a shade that’s similar to your natural blush to get that sun-kissed look. Smile and use a blush brush to apply the blush on the apple of your cheeks and then blend upward in a small C-shape.

Step 7.  Brighten Up Your Eyes.

Prime your lids first. If you do not have an eyelid primer, concealer will do.  Next, choose a shade that’s a wee bit darker than your skin.  Brush it onto the creases and along the lower lashes.  Blend well to avoid hard edges. You can opt to lightly dot brown or soft gray pencil between top lashes for added definition.

For the barely there look, you may forego eyeshadow and liner but never leave home without mascara.  Apply two coats on top lashes and use a flat eyeliner brush to apply to the roots of the bottom lashes.

Step 8. Brows in Place.

Boy brows or straight brows are trendy this time of the year so you do not have to fret over getting a perfect arch. Use a spoolie to brush your brows up and back.  Fill in the gaps with an eyebrow stick. Then swipe clear brow gel or eyebrow mascara to lift hairs at the tail of the brow and set them in place.

Step 9. Prettify your lips.

For that perfect pout, apply your favorite lip color with your fingertip on the center and blend out.  You can add a touch of gloss and you are ready to greet the world after a fun 10- minute makeup process.

When you are running short of time, you will need to pull out magic tricks out of the bag to make sure you leave the house feeling and looking great.

Time to level up your makeup process a notch higher! Include these easy makeup hacks that we tried and worked.

  • Perfect Winged Eyeliner in a Jiffy. Hold the spoon’s stem onto the outer corner of your eye, then draw a straight line using the handle as guide.  Reverse the spoon and use the rounded side to cup your eyelid.  This will serve as your guide to draw the curvy tip of your winged liner.  Fill in the space between the straight and curved lines, then extend the liner onto the inner lash line.
  • Say “Bye” to Mascara Stains on Your Lids. When you are in a rush, your hands can get a little shaky causing mascara mishaps. Use the rounded side of a spoon to cup your eyelid, then brush on mascara on your upper lashes like you normally do. This way any excess mascara will be left on the back of the spoon.
  • Perfect Lashes. Dust translucent loose powder onto your lashes in between coats of mascara. The powder allows the mascara to latch onto the lashes making it look fuller.
  • Long Lasting Lip Color. After you apply your lipstick, blot with a tissue, dust loose powder on it to set the lip color and apply lipstick again. In a nutshell, when it comes to lipstick – apply-blot-dust-apply. This trick helps seal each layer, making your lip color last longer.
  • Perfect Cupid’s bow. Draw an X at the center of the highest point of your upper lip before you apply lipstick. This will give you a pretty little pout.  The shade of your lip liner should be the same as your lipstick.
  • Concealer Tricks. Draw an inverted triangle under your eye.  The tip of the triangle should rest slightly above your cheekbone. This will freshen and awaken your face as well as cover your dark circles on days you lack sleep.
    This hack truly flatters the face and once you’ve tried it we guarantee that this will be a staple makeup routine. Hide your pimples or blemishes by using a small eyeliner brush to dab concealer on problem spots.
  • Secret to Curly Lashes. Heat your lash curler using your hair blow dryer.  Test on the back of your hand or wrist, to make sure it’s not too hot.  Curl at the base if your lashes are too limp, if not, start crimping at the mid part and curl at the top. Then, apply your mascara. Trust us, your lashes will flutter all day long.
  • Run Out of Concealer? No need to panic and rush out to get one.  Just add a little translucent powder to your foundation to thicken it and voila! You have an instant concealer on hand.

You don’t need to spend two hours putting on makeup to get you looking at your best. With smart planning and better preparedness, you can get the look you want in only 10 minutes!

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