How To Do Bridal Makeup At Home

The wedding day is one of the most important events in a woman’s life. She has been dreaming about the perfect wedding since she was a little girl. This is why women get deeply involved in preparations. She wants to be at her most beautiful when she walks down the aisle. Of course, the bride can always hire a stylist. But to become truly memorable, many would prefer to do bridal makeup at home by themselves.

The truth is you don’t have to be a makeup artist or a professional stylist to get the bridal look you want on your wedding day. Simply follow our step-by-step process on how to do flawless makeup at home.

  1. Find Your Inspiration

    How do you want to look on your wedding day? Find your inspiration by researching different makeup styles for brides. For example, look at photos of Indian bridal make up which is very popular.

    The wedding day isn’t a time for experimentation. If you want to do your own wedding makeup at home, you have to plan ahead of time.

    • Find out the products you need to use.
    • Test different styles to see which one looks best for you.
    • Get advice from trusted sources on how to make your look better.
    • Take pictures and see how your look comes out in photos.

    Which makeup colours should you buy? Choose makeup colours that match your skin tone.

  2. Prepare Your Skin

    Before applying makeup, always prepare your skin. Your face has to be a clean and smooth canvass before makeup can be applied.

    • Use warm water to remove dirt and oil from your face.
    • Clean your face with a gentle cleanser.
    • Dab away excess cleanser with a soft, dry and clean towel.
    • Apply a light moisturizer.

    Try not to veer away from your usual facial routine. However, if you like to exfoliate, use a gentle exfoliating cleanser instead of the harsh scrub.

  3. Use Primer

    Weddings can feel like a rollercoaster event. From the time you walk down the aisle to your first dance as husband and wife, your bridal makeup could be running as a result of all the crying and toasting.

    Using primer can help your bridal makeup hold up longer throughout all the activity. You will still need to do touch ups, but these won’t be as frequent or urgent.

    • Use only a small amount of primer after you’ve moisturized.
    • Apply the primer before you put on the foundation.
    • Make sure the primer is spread evenly on your face and eyelids.
  4. Apply Foundation

    Before applying foundation, make sure the primer is dry or has set. A good tip is to use a hair dryer. Put it on its coolest setting and wave it back and forth until the application is dry before moving on to the next step.

    What type of foundation should you use? Again check your skin tone for reference.

    • If you have a cool undertone, foundation with a rosier, redder or blue base would work best for you.
    • If you have a warm undertone, foundation with a yellow or golden base would be ideal for you.
    • How to determine if you have the right shade of foundation? Use a Q-Tip to apply the foundation on your jawline. If it vanishes, that is the right shade for you.
    • When using foundation, apply it in thin layers. Start from the middle of your face and move outward with the use of a foundation brush.

    Pay close attention to the areas between your jawline and neck. Make sure the blending is seamless and that there are no visible lines.

  5. Apply Concealer Where Needed

    As its name implies, concealers are used to hide things on your face such as blemishes, dark circles and acne scars.

    • To remove dark circles under your eyes, apply a dot of liquid concealer on a concealer brush. The tone of the concealer should be the same shade or at most one shade lighter than your skin tone in the problem areas.

      Spread the concealer by patting the brush on your skin. If it is not blended enough, dip the corner of a makeup sponge in water and gently workout the concealer outward.

    • For skin blemishes on your face, set the concealer by applying powder. If the blemish is still visible, add a bit more concealer and powder.
  6. Go Easy On The Highlighter

    The highlighter is applied to bring out certain features of your eyes. For example, it can be used to make your eyes appear larger. Highlighter can also be used to give you a radiant and youthful glow. It can help you achieve some of your preferred makeup styles for brides.

    But go easy on the highlighter. Try to avoid combinations with glitters or sparkles. Too much highlighter is a sure recipe for bridal photo disasters.

    • When using a liquid highlighter, dab it with a brush and move along the shape of a question mark.

      Start from your inner eye, move to a slight angle in the direction of your nostril, go up your cheekbone before blending toward the temple.

      For your brows, go down the centre of your nose, the centre of your forehead and your chin.

    • When using a powder highlighter, apply it after you’ve used powder. Brush it under your eye brows, lightly near the corner of your eyes and on the top of the cheekbones.
    • Never apply powder highlighter under your eyes or your mouth. You might end up looking sweaty in your wedding photos.
  7. Add Blush

    Whether you decide to use a cream or powder blush, always go easy on it. If you need more blush, add as required. Start with the apples of your cheeks and then blend upward toward your hairline. Don’t apply blush on your nose. Finish it off with a check mark application on your cheekbones.

    What colours of blush should you use?

    • Fair skin with cool undertones – Soft rose or baby pink with a hint of mocha and beige.
    • Fair skin with warm undertones – Golden apricot or light peach with a bit of pink.
    • Medium skin with cool undertones – Cranberry, raspberry or soft rose.
    • Medium skin with warm undertones – Soft coral with a hint of brown or sun-kissed apricot.
    • Deep skin with cool undertones – Shades of plum, grape and raspberry.
    • Deep skin with warm undertones – Brown suede or deep coral with a hint of bronze.
  8. Apply Shadow And Liner To Your Eyes

    Makeup artists like to use eye shadow and liner to achieve their makeup styles for brides. Go for eye liners other than black. Pale or muted shadows that are complementary to your eye colour are good choices. Using brown, grey and green eyeliners can draw attention to your eyes.

    A cream eye shadow will last longer if you apply it in the lids of your eyes. On the other hand, powder based eye shadow is best applied in the crease of your eye.

    What colours should you choose?

    • Green eyes – Bronze
    • Hazel eyes – Mocha
    • Blue eyes – Navy or Dark Brown
    • Brown eyes – Purple or Grey
  9. Don’t Forget The Mascara

    One of the most important products to achieve a number of bride makeup looks is the mascara.

    If you’re not sure about false eyelashes, don’t try them out on your wedding day. Instead use a good eyelash curler, a mascara brand that has good volumizing effect and a lengthening mascara.

    Before applying the volumizer and lengthening mascara, always curl your eyelashes. When applying mascara, start at the root of the eyelashes and move from side to the side all the way to the top.

    Finish it off by applying a brow powder that is slightly darker than your natural skin tone. Start from the natural line of your eyebrows then move outward to the sides of your eyes.

    Best colour? Go with black which works for just about everyone.

  10. Work On Those Lips

    5 Best Lip Primer Products
    It’s not just the skin and the eyes. You wouldn’t want chapped and dry-looking lips to come out in the bridal photos. Make sure your lips are moisturized by applying a lip hydrator. Let it set and absorb before applying colour.

    What colour should you choose for your lips?

    • Fair skin with cool undertones – Nude, light mocha and light mauve.
    • Fair skin with warm undertones – Sand, nude peach or shell.
    • Medium skin with cool undertones – Rosy pink, pomegranate or cranberry.
    • Medium skin with warm undertones – Bronze, copper or cinnamon.
    • Deep skin with cool undertones – Raisin, wine or ruby red.
    • Deep skin with warm undertones – Honey, ginger or coppery bronze.

    Don’t smack your lips together as it may create an imbalance on how they look. You should also skip the lip gloss which can cause a glare in the bridal photos.

Of course, everything should come together for your wedding day. It’s not just the way your bride makeup looks; but your hair, wedding dress and shoes should complete the ensemble.

Should you do your own wedding makeup? Why not? It’s an important day and you should put your stamp on it to make it more memorable. As you have read from our tips on how to do bridal makeup at home, you can do it yourself without having to hire a stylist.

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