Feeling Trendy, Casual, Retro, Or Natural? 9 Hair Trends For Fall 2019

Summer is not over yet but we couldn’t wait to give you the inside scoop on fall hairstyles 2019.  It’s never too early to plan your look for the next season so we checked the fall hair trends that took our breath away in the Fall/Winter 2019-2019 runways.  We also snooped around Instagram fashion influencers for more fall hair ideas.

Read on and choose the hairstyle you’ll sport during the cold months.

  • Fringes. Bangs are back in style this fall.  Side swept bangs, blunt cut fringe, slick bangs, curtain fringe, textured bangs, micro fringe and short choppy bangs will be everywhere next season.

    Choose the style that matches your face shape so you won’t end up with an unflattering cut.  Unless you’ve mastered DIY fringe cutting we recommend that you have your trusted hairstylist do the job because it takes a while to grow out bangs.

  • Chin length to Mid-length cut bob. If you plan to chop off your long locks for fall, this is the best hair look to try out. At least it’s not too short for comfort for anyone who wants to be liberated from long hair for the first time.

    We dare you to hop on the bob wagon this fall and turn heads with your cool hairstyle.  What we love about this style is its youthful vibe and effortless maintenance.  Curl it, wave it, flip it up or simply air/blow dry it, then just spray a mist of hairspray or texturizer and you are all set.

  • Natural Curls. This is a carryover of summer hair trend.  Continue to embrace the natural texture of your hair in fall 2019.  Curly, wavy or silky straight…just wear it the way you like it or go for minimally styled with a little help from hairspray and texturizer. Go out and wow them with a tousled “I just woke up” hair do.

    It is important to take care of your mane.  Going natural doesn’t mean looking unkempt.  Keep your hair smooth and shiny by giving it lots of TLC especially if you’ve exposed it to a lot of sea water or chlorine.

  • Shaggy Haircut. One of the best throwback look will dominate fall hair trends. Think Farah Fawcett and Bridget Bardot. For this generation though, the shaggy haircut incorporates flimsy bangs, close-cropped layers and mid-parted hair.

    We love the new shaggy bob and lob.  It’s a very versatile style, so whatever hair texture you have there’s a shaggy cut to match. You can wear it seamlessly straight for a polished look, tousled for a more laid back vibe or wavy and curly to look naturally cool.

  • Ponytail. The unassuming ponytail is the new super chic hairstyle for Fall 2019. Tie it high or low, just go with the flow and wear a ponytail when the cold breeze sets in.

    You will not run out of ideas because celebrities simply adore this humble hairstyle. We adore Bella Hadid’s signature high ponytail with a unique slicked back headband using her own hair.

    Zendaya is currently in love with ponytail trend. She totally rocked the Rapunzel ponytail updo and in another event she left everyone gushing with her sleek center-parted top combined with major texture bottom tied in low ponytail.

    If you prefer to look chic and stunning, keep it low and slung to the side.  Feeling a bit edgier, go for Madonna’s infamous power ponytail of the Blonde Ambition era.

  • Half Updo. To keep your hair away from your face during cold windy nights, wear it half up and half down. We simply adore this fall hairstyle trend for its striking low-lift elegance.  We find it really sweet, polished and ultra-feminine.  You can wear it in so many ways – vintage half up, half up braided crown, half French braid, Bridget Bardot signature half do or casual half up.  Just don’t forget to accessorize to blend with the season.

  • Buns. Meghan Markle’s signature messy bun is simple yet alluring. No wonder it’s still trending. How to copy the look?

    Spray your crown with hairspray then brush you hair back into a low bun.  Pull a few strands out to get that windblown look.

    Banana buns continue to make waves in Pinterest. This romantic hair style which is a messier version of the French twist gracefully sits on your neck.  The look is effortless and chic.  Just roll up your hair and pin them in place with a few Bobbies.

  • Braids. Pippy Longstocking, large braided pigtails, French braids and 80s simple braids were seen on the catwalks. This fall, dare to try something new, there’s just so many things you can come up with when it comes to braids.

    Be inspired by Camilla Cabello’ signature bangs and French braids, Zoe Kravitz’s box braids, Beyonce’s iconic braid, Elizabeth Olsen’s side swept braid, Ariana Grande’s top braid knot and Vanessa Hudgens’ Halo braid.

  • Hair Accessories. The biggest fall hair trend is using accessories to add a little drama to your hair. We spotted and loved hair styled with beacons and Bobby pinned locks.

    If you prefer the low maintenance hairdo, just secure your simple updo with a claw clip or ponytail holder and you’re good to go.

    Ribbons maybe simple but they do add pizazz to your hair, so start shopping for colors to match your outfit. Runway stylists recommend black, white and burgundy.

    It’s really exciting to see accessories from the past back in full blast.  All forms of Head bands, tiaras, crowns, barrettes, feathers, clips (claw, bow, and monogram) and minimalist hairpins.  Take your pick or stash them all!

Conclusion: 5 Tips To Keep Your Hair In Good Condition In Fall and Winter

The cold weather can affect your hair’s health.  Do not neglect your tresses so you won’t have to deal with dryness, dullness and scalp irritations. When summer bids goodbye it’s time to change your hair routine for fall and winter.

Here are 5 tips on how to care for your hair during the cold season

  1. Lemon and Oil. Your scalp is prone to dryness due to the lack of moisture during fall and winter. Avoid itchy scalp, dandruff and hair fall by massaging your scalp with a mixture of lemon and natural oil extract.

    You can use olive oil, coconut oil or jojoba oil once a week.  Heat the oil for a few seconds and then stir in lemon.  Massage onto your scalp and leave it on for 20-30 minutes.  Rinse with shampoo followed by light conditioner.

  2. Don’t Skip the Conditioner. Keep your tresses looking silky and smooth by using conditioner after your shower. Shampoo your hair with lukewarm water.

    Don’t raise the temp as washing your hair in hot water can damage it or make it frizzy. After rinsing, make sure to apply conditioner from mid-length all the way to ends of your hair.

    Rinse with cool water to lock in the moisture. Hair tends to be brittle during the cold months so protect your hair.

  3. Control Frizzy and Fly- Away Hair. When your hair begins to be unruly, use a leave on conditioner to tame your strands. You can also use styling mousse, hair oil, water- based gel and extra-gloss wax.

  4. Easy on the Heat. Avoid using flat iron, blow dryer and curling irons to style your hair during the cold months frequently.  If possible, air dry or towel-dry your hair.  You can also use hair dryer but switch to cool setting.

  5. Stick to a Healthy Lifestyle and Stay Hydrated. Eat balanced meals.  Poor eating habits can cause dryness and hair loss.  To keep your locks shiny, thick, silky and smooth add spinach, poultry, lentils, sweet potatoes, eggs, oysters and carrots to your diet.

    These foods are great sources of Biotin, protein, Zinc, Beta carotene, Omega 3, Vitamins A, B, C and E.  Stay away from refined carbohydrates and sugar laden foods.

Finally, don’t forget to keep yourself well-hydrated so your skin and hair will always be in tip top shape.

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