Givenchy Mister Mat Mattifying Foundation Primer Review

Could This Product Solve Your Oily Skin Problems?

When you want a flawless look, what makeup do you turn to? A combination of several items helps to improve your appearance. If you could choose one makeup item to depend on, which one would it be? Many women would choose foundation or a primer.

From minimizing wrinkles and bags to making your skin look bright and clear, a primer works wonders for your appearance. It is a go-to product for many who want to hide a tired face. If you have scars or blemishes, it adds strength to your coverup for complete coverage.

Primers are always applied before coverup. They help it to last longer, look better, and provide you with a fresh and even look. For those who may want to hide problems with redness or scars, a mattifying primer is highly recommended. It is also effective in providing you with a smoother and more complete makeup-look.

On this page you’ll find out about one of the best products you can buy today, and how it will transform your looks.


What To Look For

In order to get the very best makeup for you, you should consider things about your personal needs. Everyone’s skin is different and what works for one may not work for another. Following are some things to consider when looking for primers:

  • Do you have issues with red skin and would like to minimize it?
  • Do you have large pores that tend to show through your foundation?
  • Is your skin on the oily side and makeup only enhances the shininess?
  • Do you have acne prone skin and want something that is good for your skin?
  • Is your skin dry and you need something that provides you with a soft smooth finish?
  • Do you want sunscreen in your primer to protect your skin?
  • Are you worried about covering your blemishes? Do you have an uneven skin tone? You may need to pay attention to the tone of the primer.
  • How much of a budget do you have for your makeup? Are your cosmetic items what you spend a big part of your paycheck on? Are you willing to spend more on a top-quality, dependable makeup product?

Some primers have an undertone and are created to go with certain skin tones. It’s important to pay attention to this factor before buying your primer. For example, those with skin redness may want to check out primers with a touch of green to even out your color.

Knowing your type of skin and what works best for you is important when choosing a foundation and skin primer. Those with oily skin need a different type than those who suffer from dry skin and flaky patches. Many times, those with dry skin may find that their foundation has a hard time staying on and this type of product can help. Yet, be careful with matte primers if you have dry skin. It may emphasize your dryness instead of hiding it.

If you want to wear makeup that lasts and looks good through the day, a skin primer will work wonders. One product that women love is the Givenchy Mister Mat Mattifying Foundation Primer. It is especially good for people with shiny or oily skin. If you want to know if it’s the best face primer for you, the following information should help.


What Are The Product Specs

The Givenchy Mister Mattifying Foundation Primer is an ideal travel option. It is small enough to fit in your travel bag yet provides enough product to last for a while. It is 1.4 x 1.4 x 4.6 inches with a weight of 0.3 ounces, which means it doesn’t take up too much space. With 0.8 ounces of primer, you can depend on it for months.

It’s tube design makes it easy to use. All you have to do is squeeze a drop onto your fingertip for use. Some primers come in bottles where you have to use a brush or dip your finger in. This can be unhygienic whereas this presentation makes for more convenient and clean use.

It also provides a hydrating effect as it is made with silicone gum extracts. This is a feature that many people look for in a primer. It’s especially necessary for those with oily skin who want to lessen shine.


What Can You Expect?

According to many happy customers, it goes on “velvety smooth.” While that may be a stretch, it does offer a creamy texture that is easy to apply. While some primers have color, this one is clear. It has a very light scent but one that isn’t overpowering.

It has a brightening effect that gives your skin a special glow without being too shiny. While it isn’t suggested for women with very dry or very oily skin, it works well for mildly oily to normal skin. Its mattifying effect isn’t as strong as other products, but it’s enough to minimize shine.

It is a light-weight primer that allows your skin to breathe and does a good job of controlling your skin’s shine. For those who are looking for a breathable yet effective primer, this is an ideal option for you.


What Are The Benefits?

Before you purchase a primer, you will want to make sure that it provides you with the coverage that you need. Following are some of the benefits offered by one the best face primer options:

  • This product is very easy to apply. Its creamy texture makes it easy to blend evenly.
  • While it is highly effective in minimizing shine, it feels smooth and soft. It doesn’t feel heavy like other primers do.
  • It works throughout the day. This type of primer is a good idea for those days when you want to make sure that your makeup lasts.
  • If you have blotches, blemishes, or uneven skin tone, this product offers a smooth and even coverage.
  • It offers a great solid base that works well with several types of foundations.
  • For those with oily skin, this product doesn’t clog pores or cause breakouts.
  • This primer offers a mild mattifying effect which works well for slightly oily skin and normal skin.
  • For those who like a little fragrance in their products, the light floral smell is delicate and feminine.
  • It has a convenient presentation which provides hygienic benefits and is small enough for travel use.
  • It provides users with a clean and smooth coverage that makes your skin tone look even and clear.

As a mattifying primer, it’s convenient for those who want to minimize their skin’s shine and have a more uniform skin tone.
When Should You Use It?

While you can use primer whenever you want, it’s especially beneficial for long days. What often happens during long work hours or lengthy events is that makeup doesn’t last. You may leave your house looking incredible but after an hour or two, you find you need to reapply.

This is when the Givenchy foundation can benefit you most. Because of its texture and function, it helps the foundation to stay on longer than normal. Unless you invest in a 24/7 foundation, you may have perfect coverage in the morning and none in the afternoon. This is one reason why you may want to use primer.

Another time when a primer is a “god-send” is for those days when you expect bad weather. When a typical foundation may run during warm or rainy weather, a primer can help to make it “stick.” Do you have oily skin and find yourself with shine after only a couple of hours? The Givenchy primer is the best foundation primer for a non-shiny look that lasts all day.

While some people use primer on a daily basis, many save it for special occasions. Whether you have a photo shoot coming up or an event where you want to wear dependable makeup, a primer is a good investment. The small tube makes it easy to carry with you should you want to add a special touch. It’s also a good idea for those days when you don’t want to worry about reapplication.


Tips For Application

A primer isn’t like a foundation. Where a foundation needs to be applied all over your face for even coverage, a primer does not. It typically only needs to be applied on the center of your face. That is to say, the nose, chin, and forehead, although some people also like to use it on their eyelids.

Before application, you want to make sure that your skin is clean and free of “debris.” You will want to make sure it’s dry before you apply the primer, as it won’t work on a wet face. If you don’t have oily skin, you will want to apply a touch of moisturizer beforehand. Make sure it’s completely rubbed in before applying primer.

Afterward, use your finger to apply small drops of the product on your face. Then, you will want to rub it in as you would foundation, making sure to provide an even coverage. Some people like to use sponges, but to ensure complete coverage in every “nook and cranny,” fingertips work best.

Make sure it is evenly rubbed in before applying foundation. You may also want to wait for more than five minutes before moving on to the next product. It will give it time to set, so you don’t accidentally wipe it away.


What To Use It With

Some people use a colored primer as a foundation, but it isn’t a replacement for it. Primers have a different texture than foundation and if used by itself can leave your skin looking a bit odd. Of course, if you don’t have blemishes, acne, or uneven skin tone, it works well for days when you don’t want to wear too much makeup.

Typically, you would want to use this product with a non-oily foundation in order to maintain non-shiny coverage. If you find that it isn’t matte enough for your skin texture, you may want to find a foundation that is known for its matte effect. If you have issues with blemishes and skin-tone problems, you will want to use a colored primer that blends well with your foundation. It takes time to find products that match your skin tone, but once you do, you can have the perfect coverage.


Is This Product For You?

If you have very oily skin, the Givenchy Mister Mat Mattifying Foundation may not be as mattifying as you may need for your skin texture. If you have mildly oily skin, it should be enough to keep the shine away while providing long-lasting coverage with your favorite foundation.

If you don’t suffer from extreme redness or need help with evening out your skin tone, you may not need a colored primer. With its clear color, it could work well for those with problem-free skin. It offers the base necessary for long-lasting foundation coverage, but you won’t stress about it being the right color for you.

It’s also ideal for you if you have recently noticed wrinkles and would like to hide them better. Primer helps to even out their appearance before applying foundation. Whereas some foundation can emphasize wrinkles, using primer beforehand can help to soften them.

One thing to consider before purchase is if you don’t mind spending more than you would on a drug-store option. From its easy application to its long-lasting coverage and multiple benefits, this Givenchy product is highly recommended for mildly oily to normal skin.


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