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Mascara revolutionized the beauty industry and became a staple in every woman’s collection. Despite some minor innovations over the years to improve quality and longevity, the technology behind this eye makeup has gone relatively unchanged. That is, however, until the creation of tubing mascara.

The best tubing mascara helps you achieve long and luscious eyelashes without the typical problems. It lasts for much longer, and there’s no worry about flaking or smudging. So how is it done?

What Makes Tubing Mascara So Special?

Where this cosmetic differs is in its main ingredients and how it attaches to the individual eyelashes. Traditional products are made from an essential oil-based pigment. The fluffy wand picks up the formula and only coats the hair to create thickness and a bold appearance. When dried, you can reapply to get the desired effect. Unfortunately, this can lead to unattractive clumping and eventual deterioration throughout the day.

Tubing mascara doesn’t just sit on top of the lashes. Instead, it envelops each hair. The results are many long adhesive mascara tubes that cover all of the lashes, hence its namesake. These tubes add noticeable length and thickness.

tubular mascaraThis new technology is achieved thanks to an entirely new formula. The main ingredient is an acrylic copolymer rather than oil and wax. When exposed to air, the copolymer dries and binds together. Because it’s on the lashes, it wraps around the hair to create a hollow tube. Even after it dries, the polymer remains flexible to produce a natural appearance. Check out this video to see how the technology works up close.

Benefits Of This New Technology

One of the biggest advantages of using a tubing mascara is its longevity. The formula is capable of staying virtually intact throughout the day in conditions that would ruin traditional products.

Sweat and tears are not a problem. While it can be removed with a quick soak in water, it’s not affected by normal moisture produced by the body. The firm bond onto the lashes also prevents small imperfection. It doesn’t break apart like normal ones, so there’s no worry about smudges and streaks.

Another reason many women choose to go with a tubing formula is that it might be an excellent choice for sensitive eyes. If you’re prone to experiencing allergic reactions from standard formulas, the ingredients in tubing mascara may provide relief. If you’re a wearer of contact lenses, the flake-free properties might keep your day eyes free of debris and constant irritation.

Choosing The Right Product

Since its infancy, many brands have created their very own version of tubing mascara. They use the same basic formula that contains copolymers. However, some manufacturers have attempted to manipulate the formula for better results.

One such example is the combination of copolymers with traditional pigment-based ingredients in a single formula. This is done in an attempt to achieve volume and length beyond the natural limitations of the copolymer. It results in an inferior product that doesn’t hold up.

best tubing mascara

Because the two formulas are combined, the separate ingredients don’t dry properly. This compromises the bond with the hair and may cause flaking. When searching for a tubing mascara, check the ingredients list to ensure that the mascara will achieve a superb tubing effect.

As with any cosmetic product, the wand has a huge effect on the final appearance. When it comes to tubing mascara, the wand ensures proper formation of the tube and excellent length. The product needs to wrap around every hair. Wands should be able to produce a thick and even coat every time without clumping.

The best type of brush to achieve this is a spiral brush with short bristles. The spiral configuration grabs onto every lash to coat it from every angle. Short bristles aid with length. They allow you to get very close to the root of the lashes so you can create a solid basis for the tube. The closer to the root the tube is, the stronger the bond will be.

How To Use Tubing Mascara

The application process is very similar to the makeup you’re used to wearing. However, it’s recommended to apply a primer before applying the tube mascara. While these mascaras do provide some volume, their primary goal it to achieve length. A few coats of primer may add a boost of thickness that the mascara will then surround.

Once the primer has dried, it’s just a matter of using the wand to coat the lashes evenly. Wait a few minutes for the polymer to dry and bind itself to the lashes. If you want even more length, apply another coat until you achieve the results you desire.

Removing the mascara can be a bit tricky. Typical formulas are relatively easy to remove with water or a makeup wipe. Since this particular type of mascara is made to last, it requires some extra attention. Best to give it try a few times before you need it on a night out.

mascara primer

Soak the eyelashes in clean water to loosen the bond between the tube and the hair. It may take a few moments to soak the lash fully. It’s important to resist pulling and wiping the eyelashes, as that can cause noticeable damage. After soaking, the tubes should slide right off the eyelashes and into the sink. There you can view the hollow tube in all its glory.

Top 5 Best Tubing Mascara Reviews

There are many tubing mascara options on the market today, each with subtle differences in their formula that make them unique. Here are the top five tubing mascaras that can give you bold and enduring lashes. Regardless of which option you choose, these mascaras can deliver noticeably bolder results, allowing you to reach your full beauty potential.

1. L’Oreal Paris Double Extend Beauty Tubes


This two-step mascara can instantly lengthen the lashes by up to 80%. Because it provides so much length, L’Oreal includes a strengthening treatment with the tubing formula. One side is a white Fortifying extender that acts as a primer. The Color Magnifier top coat is then applied for dramatic color.

The base coat contains Ceramide R and D-Panthenol. These ingredients work to nourish the lashes from the root. It strengthens the lashes in the preparation of the top layer and provides protection from damage over time.

The formula is safe to use with contact lenses and has been allergy tested for safety. It’s relatively easy to apply and washes off with warm water.

  • Spiral wand uses defines lashes and applies even coat
  • Included base layer for nourishment and protection
  • Provides up to 80% length
  • Adds subtle volume that’s not overbearing

  • Creates a somewhat sticky texture after drying
  • Lashes can bond together long after application if they touch
  • Two-step application process must be done quickly to avoid clumps
  • Can dry out lashes quickly

2. Trisha McEvoy Lash Curling


This mascara from Trish McEvoy is designed to curl, lengthen, and seal the lashes in one application. Unlike other options that need time to set, this formula dries instantly. It does this without losing its flexibility. Lashes can flex and move, preventing unwanted breakage and flaking.

A unique wand is used to apply the product. It has medium length bristles situated in a spiraling pattern. With a flick of the wrist, the wand lifts the lashes away from the eye. It achieves a subtle curl that opens up the eye for a more stunning effect. It’s also tapered at the end to get in close to the corners.

It comes in a striking black color. The formula can last for up to 24 hours without flaking or smudging. Removal of the tubes requires only warm water.

  • Lasts a full day without flaking
  • Formula dries instantly after application
  • Brush lifts and curls eyelashes away from the eye
  • Fast and easy application
  • Deep and dramatic color

  • Doesn’t lengthen as much as other options
  • Puts strain on lashes with repeated use
  • Tube dries out quickly after only a few months of use

3. Clinique Lash Power 


The Lash Power mascara from Clinique is formulated to last throughout a day without imperfections. Available in two distinct colors, the mascara can provide a natural or striking appearance. The formula is light, yet powerful. The formation of tubes doesn’t dry out the lashes. They stay nourished, safe, and flexible.

The sleek wand has a sparse oval brush. The bristles are short and spaced apart. The bristle comb goes through the lashes, separating each hair for a uniform coat. With shorter bristles on either end of a lengthier midsection, the brush follows the natural growth pattern of the lashes for a consistent and even application every time.

  • Oval brush with combing bristles that separate the lashes for definition
  • Easy to apply an even coat with fewer applications
  • Lengthens and thickens the lashes
  • Easy to remove with warm water

  • Not a very black product
  • Quite expensive for amount of product
  • Tends to be a bit lumpy

4. DHC Perfect Pro Double Protection


With its vigorous and resilient formula, the DHC Perfect Pro mascara can provide strength and stability to the eyelashes in various conditions. It’s capable of staying put in wet conditions and is resistant to slipping from oil on the eyelids. However, it quickly comes off with a gentle massage and warm water. It doesn’t require any additional makeup remover.

A thin brush on the end of a long wand lets you have full control of the application. The bristles are very short to make accessing the root of the lashes easier. A tapered end covers thinner lashes at the corner. The formula is flexible enough to achieve the desired length with continued application. The tubes can support multiple layers without losing their structure or flaking.

  • Resistant to oil on the eyelids
  • Achieves versatile length and volume with multiple applications
  • Tubes are easy to remove with warm water
  • Thin and tapered brush for easy application
  • Brush holds significant amount of product for thick coating

  • Can dry out and flake quickly
  • Quite a small amount of product
  • More difficult to remove than other products

5. Boots No7 Stay Perfect


Inside the attractive gold casing is a small and stubby brush. It’s considerably smaller than other options on the market, and the bristles are virtually indistinguishable when filled with product. Called an eyelash wrap, the unique design separates the lashes for an even coat. The small size makes it easy to get right up against the root and create a solid basis for the tube.

From Boots, No7 is the long-lasting Stay Power mascara. The formula creates a thin and buildable film on top of the lashes. Engulfing the entire lash, it adds both length and volume. Because the film is so thin, it remains very pliable and soft to the touch, regardless of how thick the product is applied.

  • Resistant to moisture, oil, and humidity
  • Eyelash wrap separates and coats every hair
  • Thin and short wrap provides precise application control
  • Easily removes with cotton pad soaked in water

  • Strong hold can make some lashes fall out if applied too thick
  • Lashes that are already long can appear stringy with application
  • Formula is thin and runny

Best Tube Mascara Brands

So far there are not a huge number of brands that offer good tube solutions. The two best brands we have found are L’Oreal Paris and Trisha McEvoy. These are also the first two product recommendations above. The results we have seen and the customer reviews online show that women are more than satisfied with the results they are getting.

That is probably as good as we can narrow it down for you. What might work best is to stick with a brand that goes with your other makeup. If you are used to one of the above companies then you might as well stick with them. The results are going to be very similar, so don’t over think it.

mascara primer

Hypoallergenic Mascara

Hypoallergenic mascara products have become a lot more popular, but they can also be very expensive. If you have tried some of them you will know they might also give mixed results. Some products don’t give the long sexy lashes you want. And others fade away and smudge too easily.

The good thing with tubular products is that they tend to not aggravate sensitive eyes. For most people with allergies or skin sensitivity this can be a huge benefit. The products have unique formulas that are not oil based. And in most cases, it is the oil that cause the irritation.

If you have been struggling to find a product that doesn’t give you itchy and red eyes, then you should try these out straight away. They may give you those long lasting results you need without any of irritated skin.

Best Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof eye makeup products can often be hit and miss. Sometimes you find a product that works fine if you start sweating or if your eyes get slightly wet in the rain. But if you head to the beach you won’t want to take a dive in the water. And even if you avoid the water, you might struggle with high humidity as well.

Those products that are fully waterproof are often very difficult to wash off at night time. If this is a frustration you have encountered before, then tubular mascara is exactly what you need. In worst case situations, the product will come loose and fall away. And this is a much better situation than the dreaded Panda Eyes.

For those with sensitive eyes it is also a great way to get longer lasting and waterproof results. And you get this without causing itchy and burning sensations.

Tubular Mascara Vs Gel Mascara

If you are used to using eye makeup gels then you might want to be careful when to use them. If you do make the switch to tubular mascara, then gels are often not the best idea. The reason is that the transparent mascara gel may stop the tubes from properly forming and sticking to the hair.

A better solution would be to use a good mascara primer as a base. Some of the above products come with such base products included and they work really well together. For your eyebrows you can still go ahead and use a gel. This will help keep them in shape for long periods of time. It really is a great way to combine products when you do it right.


While all of these tubing mascaras might deliver great results that surpass the appearance of standard mascaras, there is a clear winner that stands out above the rest. The Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara by L’Oreal Paris can create a stunning look that lasts without harming the natural lashes.

It comes with a built-in fortifier that can keep the lashes nourished and prevent damage over time. Other products like the Clinique Lash Power Mascara have nourishing ingredients that benefit the lashes, but nothing compares to the fortifying base coat. It’s one of the only tubing mascaras available that offers that extreme layer of protection on top of lengthy results.

L’Oreal Paris developed a mascara that doesn’t follow the same formula as every other brand. Length is achieved with the base coat while the top layer is filled with rich pigment. Instead of combining the two into a single product, they are applied separately. Both brushes are also short and capable of applying the product evenly to every hair. If you’re looking for a way to get long lashes that are robust and resilient, this tubing mascara may be for you.

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