5 Best Pore Filler Choices 2019: How A Simple Primer Can Hide Lines And Wrinkles

The media is so advanced today that the modern woman feels compelled to find ways to improve how she looks. Are you one of these women?  If so, there are many products for skin, eyes, lips and more available to help your find just the looks you want. Maybe you just want to improve on your good points or perhaps you have features you want to hide. There are many products on the market that will do just this for you.

One feature that no woman is happy about is large pores. Another is scarring from acne. Whichever you have, you probably feel very self-conscious. But have you ever thought about doing something to hide it? Today’s woman is lucky that she can use pore filler to hide any scarring, blemishing or just large pores. Yes, it really does work!

Pore fillers are often called primers, but what’s in a name – it’s the product itself that we are concerned with. To be able to really enhance your features you will need to invest in a good primer. You’ve possibly invested in an expensive foundation make-up but find that it doesn’t cover as much as you’d like it to. That’s where you need a good pore filler makeup. If you invest in the best primer for large pores and acne scars you’ll find that your expensive foundation will suddenly look much better. Primer will help to make your skin look flawless and smooth.

Our 5 Best Pore Filler Recommendations

Naturally, you’ll be budgeting and you certainly don’t want to rush out and purchase the first product you see. So, if you’re looking for the best pore filler that you’re not going to pay through the nose for check out our top five recommendations.

1. No7 Instant Illusions Airbrush Away Primer

At some time in our lives we all get the shock of looking in the mirror and asking ourselves: ‘Where on earth did those wrinkles and fine lines come from?’ But did you know that you can do something to camouflage this – primer really will minimize them so they are no longer so noticeable.

The Instant Illusions primer from No7 is one of the best products on the market. It is silky smooth in texture so doesn’t feel too heavy on your skin. Also applying it is absolutely simple. You need only use a small amount each time so it will last. Considering this it really is excellent value.

Do you suffer with skin irritation after applying some make-up? As this primer is hypoallergenic you won’t have to worry about any unwanted reaction to it.

Although it’s main purpose is to cover scarring and large pores, which it does excellently, it can also be used as a foundation for anyone with an even skin tone.

It’s a primer that will help cover up any large pores, but it can even be used instead of foundation if your skin tone is even.


  • Helps skin breathe due to the soft texture
  • Excellent choice if you have allergy issues
  • Easy to apply and blends in well
  • Minimizes wrinkles and fine lines to perfection

  • Not suitable for anyone with oily skin
  • Price wise it is a little expensive, but beauty has a price and it is good value

2. Touch in Sol-No Pore Blem Primer

Are you looking to make your skin look bright and healthy once more? Then Touch in Sol will do just that for you as it has a slight pink tint to it. Apply it under your foundation as a base and it you’ll be surprised at the even tone it will give you. Your skin will also feel much softer as it is able to breathe. What’s more: those wrinkles and pores will no longer be visible.

If you suffer with oily skin this is just the thing as it controls the amount of sebum produced by your glands – say goodbye to that shiny look you’re embarrassed about after a couple of hours. Being a product that is extremely suitable for oily skin doesn’t mean to say that you can’t use it if your skin is dry. It has such a lovely smooth texture that it’s suitable for everyone.

It’s a good product that is really effective. Naturally it costs a little more that if you buy one from your local drugstore but it is affordable.


  • Can be used whatever your skin type
  • You’ll look natural due to its smooth texture that’s also breathable
  • Improves your appearance by working on your skin tone

  • It only minimizes fine lines, it doesn’t hide them completely
  • Higher priced products are more effective (but also cost more!)

3. NYX Professional Makeup Pore Filler

For an affordable product that has no frills you should check out the NYX filler. As it’s completely oil free it’s perfectly suitable for anyone suffering from acne. To help your skin feel smooth it contains vitamin E and this also helps to cover the large pores.

If your skin is uneven or scarred this product is great as there is a little tint to it. It works as a super base for your foundation with its extra smooth texture. It’s suitable for all skin types and will even minimize any shine that appears if you have oily skin. It’s completely lightweight so you won’t even realize that you’re wearing any make-up.

This primer is suitable for all occasions, whether you just need it as a backup primer or only for using when you have a special celebration.


  • Excellent product for anyone on a tight budget
  • The tint helps even out your skin tone
  • Ideal for use on oily skin

  • It has a slight odor that needs getting used to
  • There’s not a lot in it (but enough for the price!)

4. REVLON Photoready Perfecting Primer

Photoready says it all! We’ve become so accustomed to seeing those flawless women in photos that we yearn for just that look for ourselves. But have you ever thought about how they look so flawless? Of course, it’s because they wear just the right make-up. By choosing this Revlon product you’ll be able to look just as flawless, too.

Maybe you’ve already planned on a photo shoot session or there’s a special celebration where a lot of photos will be taken so you really need to look your best. This primer will do this by minimizing pores and, with its slightly pink tint, making your skin look brighter.

If you check out the ingredients you’ll find that this one is suitable for anyone who suffers from any kind of intolerance. This primer is free from just about everything – it contains no talc, no oil, no parabens and there’s no fragrance.

It’s completely lightweight but still covers your skin perfectly giving it a little color and making it feel silky. You only need a little for each application so it last s a while.

If need be, you could use this pore filler alone or apply it before applying your foundation. As it’s durable and affordable it’s a product well worth considering.


  • You only need to apply a little amount
  • Light smooth texture goes on evenly
  • Contains ingredients that are suitable for allergy sufferers

  • It’s not really easy to apply
  • Applying too much will give you a cakey look

5. e.l.f Studio Mineral Infused Face Primer

If you want something you can rely on that’s not going to break the bank you should take a look at the e.l.f. face primer. If your skin tone is even it works as a great base to foundation. It’s completely lightweight so you won’t end up with a cakey feeling. What’s more: your skin will be able to breathe freely.

With its silky smooth texture, you’ll find applying it is easy. It offers the cover you need and works as a superb base before applying your foundation. Besides, it will help to minimize any embarrassing redness.

Fragranced products are not everyone’s cup of tea – maybe you just don’t like them or perhaps have an intolerance to some fragrances. No problem, there is a slight smell to the product but nothing overpowering.

There’s not a lot of the product in the bottle, but luckily you only need to apply a small amount each time.



  • It provides good coverage
  • It helps to reduce any redness
  • Its smooth silky texture makes application easy

  • Not the perfect product if your skin is oily
  • The amount of product shown in the container is deceiving

When Should Primer Be Used?

Primer should be used for times when you want to look your best. Perhaps you appreciate looking your best even when you take the kids to school, or go grocery shopping. If so, then use it! By using the best primer for pores and wrinkles you’ll feel confident wherever you are.

Maybe you’ve planned a photo shooting or are invited to a wedding celebration – you’ll definitely need to look your best for hours on end. By using primer, you won’t have to worry about checking out and reapplying your make-up at regular intervals.

Perhaps you feel that your skin has started to look tired which makes you look older than you really are or even feel. Then you really should think about looking for the best wrinkle filler primer to rejuvenate you.

How Will Primer Help You?

Those fine lines, wrinkles and large pores no longer seem to be hidden by your foundation. Then you’ll need to start applying a base to give you the coverage needed. That’s where a pore filler is just what you need.

What else do you really expect from a pore filler  – naturally it fills the pores – foundation alone is not able to do this. It will cover any scarring, redness of skin, fine wrinkles and large pores. You’ll soon have a healthy youthful looking skin once again with the correct application.

Choosing The Right Primer For You

You need to know your skin type before you even consider purchasing a primer. All primers will help to cover pores but there are many other factors to take into consideration for purchasing one. Each product mentioned is a great product but not every one of them will be right for you. Consider the following before deciding which one to buy.

  • Do you want to distract from the sallowness of your skin or cover the redness? For this you’ll need a product with a little color. A primer containing a slight green tint (yes, you’ve read that right!) is best if your skin has a reddish tone but it isn’t right for sallow skinned people. Then you need something to brighten up your skin – you should go for a product with a slight purple tint or even a pink tint for that really healthy look.
  • Do you need more coverage? There are pore fillers with a tint to enhance your foundation. This is great for women whose skin tone is uneven. Just be careful that the color you choose matches your foundation.
  • Is your skin oily? If so, your skin probably ends up looking sweaty after a while when you wear makeup. Your best bet would be to buy a primer that is mattifying.
  • Do you have dry skin? Forget about those mattifying primers. Your skin will just end up looking drier. You should look for a primer suitable for both dry and normal skin.
  • Are you looking for a product to moisturize your skin? For the ultimate in skin care you should purchase products that will give your skin extra moisture. Moisturizing at night isn’t enough alone. Be sure that the product doesn’t contain any ingredients that aren’t safe or would cause irritation to your skin.
  • Do you want complete coverage? Silicone based products are a must if you have really large pores. Water based products are good but silicone ones are better for allowing smooth application of your foundation. Of course, if you do have an allergy to silicone it will be a no go for you.

By taking your time in considering what you want and what you need you’ll find that you save money in the long run. Impulse buying normally means that you’ve thrown your money away by buying a totally unsuitable product. It’s well worth spending a little time now in considering which product to buy as it will save you time (and money!) in the long run. With the right product any make-up routine becomes easier.


Primer is just the thing for hiding any blemishes on your skin and guaranteeing that your make-up will stay on longer. You’ll be confident that your skin is flawless whether you use it daily or just for special occasions.

We’re sure that you’ll find just what you need amongst the products we’ve reviewed above. Happy shopping!

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