5 Best Lip Primer Products: How A Simple Product Can Can Enhance Your Lipstick Effect

5 Best Lip Primer ProductsWhatever kind of make-up you’re thinking of, whether it’s to enhance your eyes or accentuate your lips, you have to agree that, without make-up, you won’t achieve that look you want.

Of course, make-up is always a matter of personal choice. Is eye shadow your favorite or can’t you live without skin products? No matter what your favorite is, you’ll want to find the product that will give you exactly what you need. Am I right, or am I right!!

But if your favorite is make-up for your lips you’re probably looking for something new to try out even though you have more than enough products in your make-up kit.

Have you already tried a lip primer? When, no, you really should. When you’ve answered yes, you’ll already know just how good they are.

Some brands will moisturize your lips when they are chapped while other brands will stop your lipstick from wearing off.

Do you want a well-known brand or an unknown brand? The answer to this is your personal choice, but whichever it is you’ll be sure to get a product that is unique if you chose one from our list.

Our Top 5 Best Lip Primer Picks

In order to make it easier and quicker for you to choose what to purchase we’ve put together a list of 5 products that we consider to be among the best offered on the market. After checking out our lip primer reviews, you’ll know exactly what we mean and hopefully you’ll find just what you want.

1.Mary Kay TimeWise Age-Fighting Lip Primer

The older we get the more we need to use products to make us look more attractive. Aging may be a natural process but who wants to actually look old (even if they are)?

Mary Kay has come up with just the right product for the more mature woman who wants to fill out and soften her lips. As you get older your lips lose that luscious look as they start to wrinkle. But you can change this by using the TimeWise primer.

Should you love lipsticks that give a matte finish but don’t like the dry feeling they leave you with, then this lipstick primer is exactly what you need. It’s also great if your lips are taut and you find applying lipstick has become difficult.

To prevent your lips from aging too fast this primer also contains a moisturizer. Do you find that your lipstick doesn’t stay on long enough or disappears while you’re eating? Then you’ve found the solution to your problem with this primer.


  • It fights against nature’s aging process
  • It prevents your lips from bleeding or chapping
  • It helps keep your lipstick intact, even when you’re eating
  • It benefits your lips be keeping them soft and smooth

  • The pigmentation tends to be too strong
  • Your lipstick could be overpowered by it


2.Ogee Sculpted Lip Oil & Natural Lip Primer

Many people consider this product to be the best lip primer for chapped lips. It’s especially good to use in those cold winter months when your lips dry up. It’s completely soothing and will also make you feel confident that you look good. You won’t find anything better to treat your lips with than this primer as organic oils are blended together to produce it. One of the oils used is peppermint oil, which is a favorite with many. Not only does the oil make your lips feel good, but you’ll feel fresher with it, too.  What’s more, it comes in a slender package so you’ll have no problem to keep it with you for emergencies!

For anyone suffering from allergies you won’t find anything better. It’s just about free from everything that causes allergies: GMO free and gluten free.

It’s rather more expensive than a brand you’d find in your local drug store, but not too expensive. So, if you’re looking for a natural product that won’t cost you an arm and a leg then you really don’t need to look any further.


  • It’s only made from natural ingredients
  • Its slender package makes it easy to carry around with you
  • It contains peppermint oil that will keep you feeling fresh
  • It contains moisturizer for softening your lips

  • Doesn’t fill out your lips to any great extent
  • The smell of peppermint may not be everyone’s cup of tea


3. Nyx Lip Primer Deep Nude

Should you want a product that applies easily, has a soft texture and a bit of color, this is the one. Your lipstick will remain on your lips throughout the day when you apply this primer as a base. Not only will it remain on your lips, but the color will also look great.

It’s easy to apply due to its smoothness and will provide you with complete coverage. You’ll be amazed to see that you end up with a real professional look. Besides, it comes is a really sleek package that’s slim enough to carry around with you.

You can be sure that this product is not too expensive and will give a good base for your lipstick. Despite being inexpensive it will make your lips feel really soft and smooth so that applying lipstick is no longer a problem. It also moisturizes your lips so that they’ll no longer feel dry.


  • It’s a perfect size for carrying around with you
  • The neutral color is suitable for everyone
  • It moisturizes your lips to prevent dryness
  • It isn’t expensive

  • Doesn’t help stop lips flaking
  • Doesn’t help stop lips feathering


4. DHC Lip Cream

This double purpose lip cream is a unique product that is loved by any woman who leads a busy lifestyle. As it contains Vitamin E, olive oil and Aloe you can guarantee that your lips will remain moisturized. It’s just what you expect from a lip balm. But there’s more to it: It’s also a primer!

A definite plus feature is that is helps to prevent premature aging of your lips. So, for a product that is made from natural ingredients and also keeps your lips looking young and feeling smooth this is well worth considering.

Better still, it’s relatively cheap and can be used for any occasion.


  • The moisturizing ingredients are natural
  • It’s a dual purpose product: primer and moisturizer
  • Helps prevent lips from aging
  • The price is right!

  • Not suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Doesn’t last as long as some other brands


5. AsWeChange Anti-Feathering Lip Base

AsWeChange says it all – of course we change as we get older but that doesn’t mean to say that we don’t want to look our best. For women whose lipstick has begun feathering due to the fact that their lips have become taut this is an excellent product. This could be considered as the best lipstick primer for the more mature woman as it moisturizes your lips leaving them smooth. So, applying lipstick is no longer a problem. Despite leaving your lips feeling smooth, it doesn’t make them feel greasy.

The product is small and contained in a swivel case so you can take it everywhere with you. What’s more, it’s a relatively cheap product. Why pay an arm and a leg for something when the cheaper version will do exactly the same for you?


  • It doesn’t leave your lips feeling sticky
  • It’s not perfumed
  • It softens your lips and fills them out
  • It’s at a price you can’t refuse

  • Not perfect for using together with creamy lipsticks
  • Other brands last a little longer


When To Wear Them

There really is no when and where to use primers. They can be used whenever you like and for whatever occasion. Anyone who regularly wears make-up will want to keep them in their make-up bag. But for those who only wear it occasionally a primer may not be so important.

Should your lip color stay put throughout the day? Then you’ll definitely benefit from using a primer – not just any primer, but the best lip primer to suit your needs. You’ll soon see the benefit of not having to continually reapply your lipstick when you have to look your best for special workday meetings or special celebrations.

Maybe you have dry, chapped lips: then a product containing a moisturizer will be beneficial to you without doubt. By softening your lips, it will also provide your lips with a good base for your lipstick

Features to Look For

Before deciding which product you like, you should think about considering what you really need it for. Don’t buy a product just because someone has recommended it or because the reviews are excellent – that doesn’t mean that the product is the right one for you. Consider the following questions before making a decision.

  • Do those signs of aging worry you? We have to accept that fine lines are going to appear at some time when we get older. But that doesn’t mean to say that we have to put up with them. By using a primer that will fight against the process of aging your lips will soon be supple and look youthful again.
  • Are chapped dry lips your problem? Using the right primer will help by moisturizing them. Most products will make lipstick application easier by covering the problem, but a natural product containing moisturizer will also solve the problem. Look for a product that contains aloe or organic oils as these are especially beneficial for dry lips. Your matte finish lipstick will suddenly feel softer.
  • Are you too busy so can’t find the time to reapply your lipstick? This is a big problem when you’re unexpectedly called in to the boss for an extremely important meeting. You’ve not managed to find a long-lasting lipstick that actually lasts long enough. By applying a primer under your lipstick you’ll no longer have this problem. You can be sure that your lipstick will last throughout the day.
  • Are you willing to splash out for the right product? As you’ll notice, prices on products vary considerably so you’ll need to think about how much you’re willing to pay before that shopping spree. This will help you avoid splashing out on a product only to find that you’ve spent more than you could really afford. On the other hand, if you are convinced that the more expensive product is worth slashing out on, then go ahead – do it!
  • Are the ingredients of a product important to you? Maybe you suffer allergic reactions to certain ingredients or just have a slight intolerance to them. This could even happen with some so-called natural ingredients. But if you look for a primer containing natural organic ingredients you won’t have a problem. What’s more – they’re suitable even if you don’t suffer from allergies.

It’s important to consider your likes and needs before you go shopping. But what you like and what you need may not necessarily suit your wallet. You certainly won’t break the bank by buying a primer so why not treat yourself. It will give you the confidence you need for those extremely important moments, especially if they come unexpectedly.

If you already have a favorite brand of make-up and want to stick to it, then do so. Only you know what is best for your needs. If you don’t suffer with dry or chapped lips you won’t necessarily want a product that contains moisturizer. If you’re working on a budget maybe price is more important to you.

Make sure you know exactly what you want otherwise you could end up buying a product you can’t use.  That’ll mean buying another product so you’ll have spent more in the end.


There are enough primers on the market to meet everyone’s needs First consider your wants, then your needs, then how much you’re willing to spend on it. You’ll also need to think about whether you want a neutral colored product or one that has more pigmentation.

The products we’ve reviewed above are all excellent products and we’re convinced that there’s just the right one amongst them for you. Rather than waste too much time trying to decide which product to buy from the mass of products in front of you in a store, make your decision now. You’ll find that your shopping spree will be much more enjoyable then.


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