Best Lighted Makeup Mirror Of 2017

Best Lighted Makeup Mirror

Best Lighted Makeup Mirror Of 2017

Lighted mirrors have been used since the 1950s to help women strive for perfection when applying their makeup. While standard lighting may seem like enough for a basic application, you may find that your makeup looks completely different when you see it in natural light. The best lighted makeup mirror will mimic natural light and illuminate your face evenly, allowing your vision to translate in any environment. With the hundreds of mirrors available on the market, how do you choose the right one?

The Benefits of Using a Lighted Mirror

The primary purpose for using a lighted makeup mirror is to give you the best possible representation of what your face really looks like. In a typical bathroom setting, lights are placed throughout the room. The light may appear brighter in one area compared to another. This setup can cast shadows on your face, and make products appear darker than they are. If your bathroom lights utilize incandescent bulbs, they also cast a yellowish-red tint. This can prove to be problematic when foundation makeup is applied.

With a lighted mirror, your entire face is illuminated with pure white light. These mirrors are designed to direct light at your face, eliminating shadows and giving you a better idea of what colors will look like in natural light. Furthermore, the design of makeup mirrors makes it possible to set up your makeup station anywhere. Instead of leaning over the bathroom sink, you can sit comfortably. This also makes it easier to view your face at any angle.

Lighted mirrors aren’t just for applying makeup. One huge benefit they provide is magnification and precision. Many round mirrors feature a subtle concave design that provides a particular degree of magnification. They make it possible to see your skin up close, revealing every pore and detail. You can take advantage of this when performing a number of beauty tasks, like tweezing and putting in contact lenses.

Types of Lighted Makeup Mirrors

The type of lighted mirror you choose should be based on how you intend to apply your makeup. A number of different styles of mirrors are available to accommodate those that use a vanity or want a travel option.


The most common lighted mirror design is placed on a countertop. They often have a pedestal look and measure anywhere from 5 to 15 inches in height. To prevent tipping and sliding, they may feature suction cups or a weighted base. While not the most portable option available, they can be moved quite easily. Depending on the manufacturer, these mirrors may be double-sided as well. Typically, one side features significant magnification while the other is plain.

Handheld and Travel

Smaller lighted mirrors are designed for travel and portability. Handheld mirrors often utilize batteries so that they can be used anywhere. They’re typically used to see different angles of the face without distortion. Travel mirrors, while similar, are built with durability in mind. Made from shatter-proof glass, these models can withstand the rigors of travel. Many are made with unique cases that collapse for easy transport.

What to Look for in a Lighted Makeup Mirror

Beyond the overall design, there are many factors to consider when choosing the best lighted makeup mirror. These unique mirrors contain different types of technology that could ultimately affect its functionality and versatility.

Lighting Technology

Modern makeup mirrors typically use LED technology. LED lights are very efficient regarding power. You can easily flood your face with light without racking up the energy bill. Not only that but the tiny diodes are very versatile. They can be used to create a variety of different lighting arrangements that provide different benefits. LEDs produce a natural white glow, making it the most beneficial option when applying makeup. Unlike other lighting options, they also don’t produce UV light.

Incandescent lighting is also an option, though it’s less common. These are your most traditional types of lights and found in built-in mirrors. You may find these surrounding a vanity mirror. They consume a lot of electricity and produce a yellow light. While still effective, the yellow tone can make your makeup look different. It accentuates gold tones, floods out blue tones, and makes the skin look warmer overall. It also makes blemishes less noticeable, which could lead to improper foundation application.

Fluorescent lights are another great option. Typically found in commercial and office settings, the light they give off is very basic and neutral white. They also tend to have higher brightness levels. These bulbs come in all shapes and sizes, making it possible for manufacturers to create unique designs that will accommodate makeup application.


Magnification is crucial if you want to get up close and personal as you paint your face. Mirrors typically come with some form of light magnification already built-in. It’s just enough to frame out the face without being over the top. Others include additional mirrors that allow you to switch back and forth as you finish the face. Some brands include a smaller mirror that swivels in and out of view with intense magnification while others have a full-sized mirror on the other side of the standard mirror. In terms of magnification power, it’s all about your needs. Mirrors usually provide anywhere from 1 – 12x magnifying power.


If you’re looking to get the best mirror possible, look out for additional features that improve the functionality of the mirror. Anti-fog coatings are a common extra that ensures mirrors placed in the bathroom are crystal clear. A unique coating prevents water from collecting on the surface of the glass regardless of how steamy the bathroom gets. Other mirrors feature dimmable lights. With the press of a button, you can change the intensity of the built-in lights to various preset levels. This makes it possible to examine your face in different conditions so that you can plan ahead for a night out and adjust accordingly.

Top Lighted Makeup Mirrors

Modern lighted makeup mirrors are packed with many features that help you make the most out of your beauty regiment. Manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to make these mirrors more efficient and versatile, so there’s a wide range of high-quality options available. Here are the top 5 lighted makeup mirrors that will help you look your best and avoid embarrassing makeup disasters.


1. Simplehuman Sensor-Activated Lighted Vanity Mirror


From Simplehuman is this cordless countertop vanity mirror. The round mirror measures 8 inches in diameter and features a unique lighting system around the perimeter. The manufacturer designed a system that not only illuminates the face but also corrects color and eliminates distortion for a true-to-life view. It uses surgical-grade LEDs to produce 600-lux light.

The mirror itself has a concave shape to provide 5x magnification. It’s also backed by an aluminum coating for optimal clarity. To get the best viewing angle, the mirror tilts back and can be height adjusted. What sets this mirror apart from others is the sensor system. A sensor built into the top of the mirror shuts the light on or off depending on use. As you put your face up to it, it will turn on and stay on for the duration of use. When you walk away, it shuts off automatically to save power. It features a rechargeable battery that can last up to 5 weeks on a single charge and an indicator light.


  • Large 8-inch diameter mirror
  • 5x magnification
  • 600-lux LED lighting system with color correction
  • Tilts and adjusts for height
  • Cordless with rechargeable battery
  • Built-in sensor


  • Doesn’t have a manual on/off switch
  • Heavy design can make it difficult to move around
  • Built-in battery can diminish in quality over time
  • Can’t turn side to side
  • Not double-sided
  • May turn on periodically when not in use

2. Reflection by Conair Fluorescent Mirror


The Reflections lighted vanity mirror from Conair has a unique look that can blend in seamlessly with your decor. It has an elegant vine design and is covered in a matte black finish. With its unique shape, the mirror doubles as jewelry storage. The vines end on a hook where jewelry and other small accessories can be placed.

The mirror features two separate sides. One side has a standard 1x magnification while the opposite has 8x magnification for precise beauty tasks. The 8-inch mirror flips 350-degrees for easy switching and adjustments. To improve visibility, the mirror has a lighting system that’s designed to replicate natural light from the sun.Both sides utilize fluorescent lights, which are 30% brighter than standard incandescent bulbs. They may also consume approximately 60% less power than incandescent mirrors. The lights are powered by an electrical outlet. The matching power cord has a built-in switch to turn the lights on or off.


  • Double sided with 1x and 8x magnifications
  • Uses bright fluorescent light bulbs
  • Has manual on/off switch built into the power cord
  • Unique design with jewelry hooks


  • Doesn’t have a cordless design
  • Light bulbs may bust after only a few years of use
  • Can’t replace bulb
  • Fluorescent light not as bright as LED


3. Fancii Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror




If you’re after versatility, this mirror from Fancii may be worth looking into. Rather than using the standard round design, this mirror is a square that measures 5.2 inches wide. It has 10x magnification for seeing your face up close and can be placed on virtually any smooth surface.

A durable suction cup allows you to use the mirror on a countertop for stability or on a wall for versatility. The base is adjustable and can rotate fully, allowing you to get the best viewing angle possible once it’s locked in. LED lights are used around the perimeter to produce a natural daylight glow. Because the mirror is battery powered and doesn’t contain any cords whatsoever, it’s a great travel option. The unit folds up and fits nicely into the included velvet case for easy transport.


  • Square design with 10x magnification
  • Locking suction base can be attached to any smooth surface
  • Utilizes LED lights for bright white glow
  • Can rotate 360 degrees
  • Folds up for travel


  • Small size can make it difficult to see entire face
  • Airtight suction can deteriorate over time
  • Sensitive on/off button can be activated in travel case
  • LEDs can dim over time
  • May be too short for counter use

4. Mirrorvana 8-inch Lighted Vanity Mirror


This lighted mirror from Mirrorvana is a versatile option that can be used at home or on the go. It’s has a large 8-inch diameter to provide a wide view of your face. However, it’s relatively thin and compact. It has a suction cup base that can be used on smooth surfaces like granite, tile, or glass. The base can be fully adjusted to get the perfect viewing angle.

The mirror has 5x magnification and LED lights around the perimeter. These LED lights produce high luminosity while saving power in the process. Rather than having an unattractive power cord, the vanity mirror uses batteries. With the LED lights using only a fraction of the power as traditional bulbs, batteries can last for quite some time before needing to be replaced.


  • Wide 8-inch diameter and 5x magnification
  • Suction cup base can be attached to non-porous surfaces
  • Thin and compact design
  • Fully adjustable
  • Uses LED lights and battery power


  • Can’t stand on its own without suction power
  • Doesn’t have two sides
  • Suction cup may not provide the strongest hold
  • Doesn’t have the strongest magnification
  • LED lights may appear more cool than white


5. iLuminate Folding Travel Mirror


From iLuminate is this versatile travel mirror. At around 5 inches in diameter, it’s compact enough to bring anywhere. Despite its small size, it’s still significantly larger than a standard compact, allowing you to see your full face when applying makeup on the go. It also comes with an included travel pouch.

The compact has two mirrors that provide different views of the face at the same time. A standard 1x mirror is placed just above a mirror with 5x magnification. Surrounding the 5x magnified mirror is LED lights. These lights produce a crisp white glow and can be dimmed with a simple push of a button.While it is designed for travel, this mirror can be used at a desk or vanity table. It’s not like your average compact. The mirror rises out of the clamshell base, allowing you to adjust the height and angle.


  • Small and compact design with protective case
  • Includes 2 mirrors with 1x and 5x magnification
  • Uses dimmable LED lights
  • Round mirror with distortion-free glass


  • Can be a bit heavy and bulky
  • Has only 6 LED lights that may not provide enough light
  • No lights around 1x mirror
  • Cannot be hung or suctioned on surface

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Any of these five lighted mirrors are better than a dimly-lit bathroom mirror. They direct light towards your face and make it possible to see what your face will truly look like once you leave the house. With that being said, the sensor-activated mirror from Simplehuman is a cut above the rest.

At face value, the countertop mirror is a great option for getting an up-close view of the face. With 5x magnification and an adjustable design, it’s not difficult to get the perfect viewing angle. On top of that, Simplehuman managed to pack a number of great features into an already-great mirror. The aluminum-backed mirror contains impressive technology that delivers a realistic view of the face. Color correction and a 600-lux LED light system can ensure that you’re always looking your best.

This mirror also has something that other don’t: a proximity sensor. With this built-in sensor in place, there’s no need to fidget with power switches. In fact, the entire unit is cordless for a minimalist look and ultimate versatility. As a whole, a mirror is a great option for anyone wanting to improve their setup and application method. By using a high-quality mirror, you can apply your makeup with confidence.

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