Best Hypoallergenic Eye Makeup Brands Of 2017

Having sensitive eyes or eye allergies makes choosing the best hypoallergenic eye makeup brands important. Remember not all brands labeled “hypoallergenic” have unique attributes and many brands will say that ophthalmologists endorse the products. Here are some key factors and product reviews to help you discover the best and safest eye makeup.

What are some benefits to using hypoallergenic eye makeup products?

Often, consumers are unsure why they should purchase a hypoallergenic product. Even those who do not have sensitive or allergy-prone eyes can benefit because fewer chemicals and additives are on their body.

Hypoallergenic eye makeup can open up a whole new world to those with sensitive or allergy prone eyes. Aside from the benefits of loving how you look, using hypoallergenic eye makeup also helps improve how you feel.

Hypoallergenic eye makeup products can offer these advantages:

  • Comfort because you are free of itchy, burning eyes
  • Protection from ingredients, which may harm your body
  • Easier removal of eye makeup
  • Peace of mind because many products have cumulative effects resulting in allergic reactions to common products used for years.

What’s unique about an eye makeup product labeled hypoallergenic?

This question is asked by multitudes of consumers looking to make the safest choice in eye makeup. The word hypoallergenic on a product leads one to believe that the product is inherently safer, has few or no harsh chemicals, or is even all natural. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

The United States Food and Drug Administration lists no specific criteria regarding what requirements a product identified as hypoallergenic must meet. According to the FDA website, cosmetic manufacturers are not required to submit any proof to support a claim that a product is hypoallergenic.

Furthermore, there are no defined standards that regulate the use of the term “hypoallergenic.” Essentially, the term means whatever a particular company wants it to mean. Medical professionals are lobbying to reverse this policy, but in the meantime, consumers must be aware that Hypoallergenic is a term without much weight in the eye makeup industry.

How can one choose a safe, hypoallergenic eye makeup?

Given the lack of FDA policing the manufacturer’s claims, it is important that you know what to look for when choosing the best and safest eye makeup.

Search for labels on eye makeup before making a purchase. Federal law requires that cosmetics have ingredient lists on the packaging.

Beware of products made in other countries. The United States does carefully regulate the color additives in eye makeup, and many imported products contain illegal color additives. A list of FDA-approved ingredients is on their website.

Avoid any eye makeup product containing kohl. This product, also called al-kahl, kajal, or surma, comes from the salts of various heavy metals including lead. There is a direct link to the use of kohl and lead poisoning, and its use is illegal in the United States.

A good rule when choosing eye makeup, or any makeup product, is to look for a product with the fewest number of ingredients listed on the label. Fewer ingredients and familiar ingredients allow you to know what is going on to your face. This is helpful in the event of an allergic reaction because there are fewer ingredients to eliminate as potential allergens.

Which ingredients cause the most frequent allergic reactions?

While allergens and reactions vary from person to person, there are two specific categories known for wreaking havoc with consumers who have sensitivities; these are fragrances and preservatives.

Fragrances are prevalent in the cosmetics industry because they will mask harsher chemical odors in various products. A multitude of natural fragrance varieties exist, and artificial fragrances can contain over two-hundred different chemical compounds.

All types of these tend to have a cumulative effect and a product that you may have used for months, or even years can suddenly cause an allergic reaction because the substances have built up in your body.

Product labels typically call fragrances ‘parfum’ on product labels. Manufacturers are not presently required to disclose fragrance ingredients or test for toxic interactions. This puts the consumer at a disadvantage when searching for hypoallergenic eye makeup products.

Preservatives are another category of allergy-inducing ingredients in some eye makeup. While preservatives are necessary because they prevent the growth of molds and bacteria in eye makeup, some types are much safer than others are.

When looking at product labels opt for preservatives such as rosemary extract, grapefruit seed extract, citrus extract, gum benzoin, or tea tree extract; these are natural ingredients which can safely be used alone or in combinations to prevent the growth of bacteria and molds effectively.

Parabens are a very common and dangerous preservative used in eye makeup. While they can cause allergic reactions, parabens are easily absorbed through contact with skin, and then they transfer into the bloodstream. Parabens are known endocrine disruptors have been linked to breast cancer, early puberty, and problems with reproductive health.

Top 5 best hypoallergenic eye makeup brands


1. Almay intense i-Color Play Up Liquid Liner, Black Pearl 023



This product is easy to use, long wearing, and incredibly soft eyeliner made by Almay. The Almay Company has a history of producing quality products, which are thoroughly tested and proven hypoallergenic.

Almay is so vigilant that of the 10,000 ingredients approved for use in cosmetic manufacturing, they only support 500 ingredients. This eyeliner is formulated with ingredients which are verifiably pure, non-toxic, non-sensitizing, non-comedogenic and fragrance-free; additionally, the products are verified to be cruelty-free.

It’s very gentle to a point that it did not aggravate or intensify blepharitis. Almay intense i-Color Play Up Liquid Liner meets or exceeds expectations.

  • Contains fewer than a dozen ingredients
  • Does not cause a burning or stinging sensation when applied
  • Stays on all day yet will wash off easily without chemical makeup removers
  • Microbial and stability of ingredients in various environmental conditions

  • Two coats needed for an intense line because of the pearlescent sheen
  • Will easily smudge when wet, it is necessary to avoid blinking until eyeliner is completely dry
  • Can wear off during exercise due to perspiration
  • Consistency of the eyeliner is thin, so a steady hand is needed when applying the product


2. High Impact Mascara 01 Black Clinique For Women


Clinique is an internationally revered company and progeny of the Estee Lauder Company. They adhere to high-quality standards and have the distinction of being the world’s first allergy tested, dermatologist-driven cosmetics line, premiering in 1968 at Saks Fifth Avenue.

The testing of all eye makeup products by ophthalmologists is verifiable. Clinique’s High Impact Mascara provides weightless all day wear without smudging or flaking. It is formulated to be thick, so the intense color adheres well to lashes. The applicator also delivers mascara and no clumps, while nicely curling the lashes.

  • No irritating fumes or chemical odors
  • No burning sensation when applied
  • Does not aggravate or intensify blepharitis
  • Ingredients proved to be non-sensitizing and non-toxic
  • Requires no chemical eye makeup remover, washes off with water
  • Safe for contact lens wearers

  • Contains a large number of ingredients
  • Contains aluminum, which is not a known eye irritant, but has been linked to central nervous system disorders
  • Applicator holds too much mascara and will create a smudgy, messy look unless the lash brush is wiped between applications
  • Product becomes dry very quickly
  • Smears and tends to run in very high humidity


3. Bare Minerals Eye Color Shadow


The Bare Escentuals Company makes this popular eye shadow. Since launching Bare Minerals, its line of mineral based powder cosmetics, in the mid- 1970’s Bare Escentuals has been drawing consumers into its self-proclaimed mineral revolution.

Cosmetic chemists are quick to point out that all makeup contains minerals, but the Bare Minerals products are superior because they omit chemical dyes, parabens, mineral oil, harsh chemical preservatives, and fragrance. Because of this, dermatologists often recommend mineral makeup, as these leave out ingredients that are skin irritants.

Bare Minerals Eye Color Shadow can be purchased in dozens of colors either individually or in eye shadow compact kits designed to give a beautiful and coordinated look. The formulation cleverly allows control of the intensity of the eyeshadow color based on using either a wet or dry application. There are no irritating fragrances associated with Bare Minerals Eye Color Shadow, and it did not burn or cause redness.

  • This eye shadow is vigorously purified to remove any naturally occurring contaminants found in the minerals
  • Gentle to remove so there is no need for chemical eye makeup removers

  • Some tissue or eye shadow shield must be worn when applying this eye shadow
  • pigments tend to drift onto cheeks
  • Higher priced than many other hypoallergenic eye shadows


4. Physicians Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Mascara


While allergist, Dr. Frank Crandell, founded the Physicians Formula Company it is not presently operated by or working in conjunction with physicians. However, the company has a good track record with its hypoallergenic eye makeup.

The company also strives to provide recyclable packaging and applicators. They do not test on animals. The Physicians Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Mascara gets high marks for its recyclable applicator and its thick formula which plumps and lengthens lashes with no flaking.

  • This mascara has roughly twenty-five ingredients all of which are obtained organically
  • Free of chemical dyes, parabens, and chemical preservatives
  • Does not sting or burn when applied
  • Conditions your eyelashes
  • Cruelty-free testing
  • Washes off easily with water

  • Strong fragrance because it is made with orange fruit water
  • The mascara never fully dries but stays somewhat moist throughout the day

5. Nudestix Sheer Eye Color Pencil



The Nudestix brand is the creation of sisters Ally and Taylor Frankel with the help of their mother, Jenny Frankel, a chemical engineer with twenty plus years of experience in cosmetics. They operate with the highest standards and strictly control the ingredients, which go into their eye makeup.

They also have many products specially made for multiple uses. Their focus is natural looks with barely there color to accentuate not overwhelm your best features. The biggest advantage to the Nudestix Sheer Eye Color Pencil is its versatility. There is no shortage of ways to apply it.

The pencil can be used as an eyeliner, eyeshadow, and a highlighting pencil. The Nudestix pencil goes on smoothly, and cleanly. It also resists smearing yet is blendable. The pencil comes in a kit with a case and sharpener, and it also has a built-in applicator tip which allows blending to create a customized look.

  • Formulated to be gentle
  • Only a dozen ingredients in the eye color pencil
  • Does not sting or burn
  • Contains no Parabens, Sulfates, or Phthalates
  • Has no noticeable fragrance

  • Not a product for those seeking a bold look
  • Pencil requires frequent sharpening to maintain a fine line
  • Contains synthetic beeswax
  • Contains iron oxides
  • Pricier than drugstore brands



After deliberating on the pros and cons of these hypoallergenic eye makeup products, I believe the very best product is the Almay intense i-Color Play Up Liquid Liner. While all of the products performed well, Almay had the fewest ingredients which automatically lessens the risk of aggravating an allergy or sensitizing your eyes.

Almay’s strong commitment to consumer safety is evident. They use roughly 5% of all ingredients approved for cosmetic use. The company has historically created products which are safe, work well, and keep up with changing trends in the makeup industry.

The eyeliner exceeds the expectations set for most hypoallergenic products, and Almay can substantiate all of its claims of purity, safety and being allergen free. This product will be a great addition to any makeup bag.


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