Best Foundation For Mature Skin Of 2017

Best Foundation For Mature Skin Of 2017

Advances in modern makeup technology have made it possible for manufacturers to create a smooth and flawless foundation that works with all skin types, including mature skin. Women over the age of 35 have unique needs that need to be met. The best foundation for mature skin will not only enhance complexion, but it will also combat the signs of aging to improve the skin’s condition over time.


When Should You Switch to Foundation for Mature Skin?

The truth is, everyone’s skin will undergo changes as they age. Certain factors like genetics and lifestyle can speed up or prolong this process. Ideally, women should consider making a switch around the age of 35. Around this age, the skin will start to show noticeable signs of aging with fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration. The skin will start to lose collagen and elastin, which play an integral role in its smoothness and firmness The problem will only worsen over time.

As the skin gets older, it changes on a cellular level as well. The skin renews itself on a regular basis as Keratinocytes in the deepest layer of the skin rise. Dead skin is shed on the epidermis, or upper layer of skin and is replaced by the newer cells. Typically, this process in ongoing and takes anywhere between 45 to 90 days to complete.

However, the process slows down significantly with age. The thick bundles of collagen the skin had during its youth is diminished, and dead skin takes longer to shed, resulting in discoloration and a dull look. Skin also starts to lose blood flow in the dermal capillaries. As a result, the skin will feel dry because of a lack of nutrients, moisture, and oxygen.

The Benefits of Foundation for Mature Skin?

The biggest advantage of a foundation for mature skin is that it’s specifically designed to hide imperfections. On younger skin, makeup foundation is all about providing adequate coverage. However, on older skin, the foundation must manipulate the way light reacts to the skin.

Standard foundations can exacerbate the look of wrinkles. It can appear thick and cakey as it settles into the skin. A mature foundation is lighter and blends with the skin to provide adequate coverage without looking like a mask. It also has a unique blend of matte and dewy properties to ensure that the foundation doesn’t further emphasize problem areas.

Foundation for mature skin can help improve the overall quality of the skin on a deeper level. Depending on the specific formula, it may contain a bevy of ingredients that will fight the signs of aging and repair deficiencies that are experienced over time. It’s a natural process that can be controlled.

These foundations are often rich in nutrients and contain moisturizing ingredients. As the foundation is applied, these nutrients will absorb into the skin and make up for the lack of natural circulation. Vitamins are also used to soothe and condition the skin over time. Many also work to fight damage from common free radicals like UV rays.

What to Look for in a Foundation for Mature Skin

When searching for the right foundation for mature skin, there’s more to look out for than just the right color. Formulas can vary dramatically from manufacturer to manufacturer, so it’s important to understand what makes a foundation suitable for mature skin regarding looks. The first things to consider are the consistency and finish.

For mature skin, liquid and cream foundations are the way to go. Light and creamy foundations are better suited for blending. While many women go for powder foundations to achieve a matte look, it often ends up looking unflattering. The tiny powder particles can easily fill wrinkles.

However, the smooth texture will only crack once the product dries, making the fine lines appear worse than they are. Liquid foundations are designed to stay pliable throughout the day. It will move with the skin and prevent unsightly cracks from appearing.

When it comes to finish, women should find a healthy balance between matte and shiny. A product that’s too matte will make the skin look flat and lifeless. Skin naturally loses moisture as it ages, so stripping the skin of the moisture it has left will only dull it further. With that being said, high shine foundations produce an unnatural glow that draws attention to lines and wrinkles.

These products contain high amounts of mica and other reflective minerals to bounce light off the skin. Unfortunately, the light bounces off the high points of the face and not the troughs of wrinkles, causing them to stand out. A good option for mature skin is dewy foundation. These formulas contain a subtle shine that’s not overbearing. They help to moisturize the face and create a youthful glow.

Beneficial Ingredients in Foundation for Mature Skin

Foundation for mature skin multitasks to help improve the skin while covering up any imperfections. Depending on the formulas, these types of foundation may contain ingredients that target one specific problem or only work to condition the skin for overall improvement.

Antioxidants are a must-have for keeping the skin protected. They work to combat the stresses your skin goes through on a daily basis and help to reduce inflammation. With regular use, antioxidants can help to prevent further damage from occurring as well. While they come in many forms, the most commonly used antioxidants in makeup foundation include Vitamins E, A, and C.

To improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, makeup brands may contain ingredients that boost the production of collagen. These ingredients include retinol, Vitamin A, and many different peptides. Once absorbed into the skin, cells go into overdrive to create more collagen than normal. This will cause the skin to plump up, filling wrinkles and resulting in a smoother overall appearance.

One of the most essential ingredients a foundation can include is sunscreen. Built-in SPF protection will prevent further damage from occurring. Ingredients like zinc oxide and octyl salicylate create a barrier between your skin and harmful rays. Exposure to UVA and UVB rays can speed up the aging process and lead to discoloration and texture issues. Damage occurs within a minute of sun exposure, so the higher the SPF, the better off your skin will be.

Top Foundations for Mature Skin

Recently, many modern beauty brands have put a focus on defining the particular needs of mature skin and creating products to help women address their unique issues. There’s a wide variety of high-quality options available on the market. Here are some of the top 5 foundation choices for mature women wanting to create a beautiful and youthful look.

1. Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Eraser

This foundation from Maybelline is specially formulated to combat the signs of aging. The foundation is in a smooth liquid form, making it easy to apply. The liquid passes through the opening and soaks directly into the built-in applicator. The unique micro-corrector applicator can be used to apply the product to the smallest fine lines, leaving behind a smooth complexion.

The foundation has a light finish that can be blended fairly easily. It’s flexible and contains a number of moisturizing ingredients to improve the skin and create a supple appearance. Maybelline used Goji berry as its antioxidant. This “miracle fruit” works with the infused collagen to improve and protect the skin. With regular wear, this foundation can tighten the skin and plump up fine lines. The foundation also has SPF 18 to block out harmful rays and prevent further signs of damage.


  • Contains Goji Berry and Collagen
  • Has SPF 18 sun protection
  • Light liquid formula that blends well
  • Micro-corrector applicator


  • Doesn’t have the highest coverage
  • Applicator can be difficult to use at first
  • Can be too shiny on oily skin
  • Can cause slight irritation on sensitive skin

2. Your Skin But Better CC Cream

This multitasking foundation works over time to enhance the skin’s quality while masking imperfections. The creamy foundation applies smoothly on the skin. It’s highly pigmented but doesn’t create a thick mask. It’s designed to look as natural as possible. Moisturizing ingredients in the formula work to provide a 79% boost in hydration to mature skin while also keeping the product flexible. It moves with the skin and doesn’t settle into wrinkles, resulting in a smooth appearance all day long.

Rather than using a bevy of chemical ingredients, the manufacturers opted for natural botanicals. It includes natural alternatives like algae, hyaluronic acid, and a variety of different vitamins. When it comes to improving the skin, this foundation uses peptides and hydrolyzed collagen. These ingredients work on a cellular level to produce thick collagen strands within the cells. To keep the skin safe wherever you go, the foundation has SPF 50.


  • Utilizes natural botanicals and antioxidants
  • Highly-pigmented creamy formula that doesn’t settle into wrinkles
  • SPF 50 with no chemicals
  • Hyaluronic acid provides up to 79% boost in moisture


  • Has a somewhat matte finish
  • Small tube can be used up fairly quickly
  • Can require multiple applications to get full coverage
  • Can be difficult to get exact color match


3. Almay Smart Shade Anti-Aging Makeup

This unique foundation from Almay is ideal for women that have difficulty finding the right shade. The smart shade technology applies white and transforms into the correct tone as it is blended into the skin. The formula is smooth and provides medium coverage. It also provides a satin finish that works well to provide a soft glow while hiding fine lines and wrinkles. Almay also managed to include sun protection with SPF 20 and keep out parabens and talc for safety.

One unique aspect of this product is the anti-aging beads. Microscopic beads are filled with a blend of peptides, rice protein, almond extract, and seaweed extract work to enhance the skin. These ingredients work to moisturize the skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and improve elasticity. Pea extract is also used to lighten the skin over time. This ingredient can help diminish age spots for a smoother complexion.


  • Uses Smart Shade Technology
  • Free of talc and parabens
  • Includes anti-aging beads filled with ingredients that reduce wrinkles
  • Provides a boost of moisture and lightens the skin for better complexion


  • Can be difficult to get the right color on lighter complexions
  • Can feel greasy on oily skin
  • May cause irritation on sensitive skin
  • Doesn’t have high coverage

4. Jolie Anti-Aging Foundation Liquid Makeup

Made for a variety of different skin types, this foundation includes a bevy of ingredients that will soothe the skin and provide some much-needed moisture. The fragrance-free liquid contains a combination of peptides that help to boost the production of collagen. This results in the reduction of wrinkles. For moisture, the foundation has a Nutrilayer filled with natural extracts. It creates a soft and supple experience while improving elasticity.

While this is a liquid foundation, the formula contains unique powders. Refers to as a soft focus powders, they are designed to create a natural look. They adjust to the complexion and texture of the skin, bouncing light and preventing the usual effect of matte finishes. While the foundation doesn’t contain any SPF protection, it does include antioxidants to fight free radical damage.


  • Uses duo-peptides to boost collagen production
  • Nutrilayer of natural extracts increases moisture in the skin
  • Includes antioxidants to fight free radicals
  • Has soft focus powders that create a natural look


  • Doesn’t contain SPF protection
  • Doesn’t have high coverage
  • Has a somewhat orange tint
  • If applied too thick, foundation can settle into wrinkles


5. Covergirl Olay Simply Ageless 3-in-1 Foundation


From one of the most popular beauty brands in the world is this 3-in-1 foundation. Covergirl has created a unique product that’s designed to disguise the effects of time. It comes in an attractive bottle that separates the actual foundation and primer. When dispensed, the bottle combines the two, eliminating a step during application. The primer is designed to cover fine lines and fill pores to create a smooth complexion.

The creamy texture is smooth and easy to apply. It’s very pigmented to provide high coverage. This works to cover spots and discoloration issues. Within the formula is a variety of hydrating ingredients. They’re mixed to hydrate the skin continually over time. This helps to avoid the drying that often occurs with prolonged wear.


  • Combines high-coverage foundation with primer
  • Continually hydrates as it’s on the skin
  • Creamy formula stays flexible to avoid drying out


  • Doesn’t contain antioxidants
  • Doesn’t include collagen
  • Can feel heavy on the skin


These five foundations are perfect for mature skin. They all contain ingredients that improve the skin while also helping to address the unique needs of mature women. However, one product stands out above the rest. The Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewinder has the technology to deliver a natural look.

The formula is light and easy to blend. With only medium coverage, there’s no worry about applying a thick layer that will cake. While other options may dry out and crease as you emote, this product stays flexible. It has a somewhat dewy look that creates a youthful appearance despite your age and complexion. The unique applicator also makes easy work of getting into any fine lines and wrinkles.

The anti-aging formula also contains beneficial ingredients to improve your skin over time. Goji berry and collagen work to plump up the skin and smooth out any imperfections. The antioxidant works well with the built-in sun protection to prevent further damage to the skin. Overall, the foundation is popular amongst mature women for a reason. It works wonders to dry and dull skin. With the proper application, it can create a natural look that will disguise your age and make you look many years younger.

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