5 Best Face Masks To Remove Acne And Get Glowing Skin

A good quality mask can do wonders to skin craving for some TLC. It allows you to have a quick and easy pick-me-up beauty routine right at the comforts of your home. Soothing music, face mask, chilled wine and scented candles are all that you’ll need for some quality “ME” time.

Face masks have come a long way. These days, there are plenty of brands that are formulated to treat every kind of skin trouble so people who do not have the luxury of time to get facials at clinics or SPAs can easily have one at home.  Whether you want to rejuvenate your tired skin or treat imperfections, there is surely one to meet your needs.

Shopping for the perfect face mask is not that simple because there is a dazzling array of good quality masks out there. On top of that, a huge variety of Clay, gel, cotton sheet and peel off masks can add to your confusion. It is important to know what’s best for your skin type before purchasing one.

Here’s a quick guide on the different kinds of face masks and the skin type that they are ideal for:

  • Cream Masks – Best for normal to dry skin
  • Gel Masks – Best for sensitive and dry skin.
  • Clay Masks – Best for acne prone oily skin and combination skin.
  • Sheet Masks – Best for normal, dry and combination skin
  • Exfoliating Masks – Best for normal, oily and combination skin

We searched the net for good quality masks that earned great reviews from verified users and beauty bloggers.  We tried and tested them to find out what the hype is all about.

Here is a list of the 5 must have face masks in the market.

  1. Best Clay Mask : L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Purify & Mattify Mask

    Say goodbye to shine after using this good deep cleansing mask. It unclogs pores and takes away grime without leaving your skin parched. It contains Kaolin, Montmorillonite, Eucalyptus leaf extract and Morrocan lava clay.

    If you have combination skin, you can use this along with other kinds of L’Oreal clay masks for multi-masking (using different types of clay masks at the same time). This will allow you to address all your skin concerns in one sitting.

    Price:  $12.99

  2. Best Gel Mask : Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask

    Revive your dry dull skin with this gentle gel mask that instantly soothes, hydrates and detoxifies. It is infused with botanical extracts of Cucumber, Papaya, Chamomile, Lemon, Sugar Cane, Pineapple, Bilberry, Sugar Maple and Aloe Vera.

    This is the perfect go-to face mask when your skin needs to be revived from too much exposure to nature’s harsh elements.  You will be amazed at how supple and moisturized your skin feels after using this mask.

    Price: $35

  3. Best Sheet Mask : SK-II Facial Treatment Mask
    We now understand why this has remained a cult favorite over the years.  Pamper yourself with SK-II Mask after a long flight or long day at work and we promise you won’t regret it.

    Your skin will be rejuvenated by Pitera – a harmonious blend of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and organic acids.  Radiance and softness will be yours after using this magical sheet mask.

    Price: $135 (10 masks)

  4. Best Cream Mask : Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask

    We wouldn’t be surprised if this would turn out to be your favorite face mask.  Dare to discover why many women are so in love with this mask despite its hefty tag price. It stays true to its “Instant Youth” promise.

    Your skin will appear radiant, young looking and ultra-fresh after 15 minutes only.  You can leave it on your face just little bit longer than instructed and let your skin indulge in its anti-aging ingredients.

    Use it as an antidote to jetlag or a booster to prep your skin for an important life event.

    Price: $162

  5. Best Exfoliating Mask : Glamglow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment

    Glamoholics claim that they instantly got hooked on this face mask. Traces of acne scars or dark spots were gone after continued use. You’ll be beaming with glee because of how soft, radiant and smooth your skin turns out after the first try.

    It truly is a 10- minute facial in a jar. If you are not fond of tingles, we recommend Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment.

    Price: $59


7 Tips on Using Face Masks

To get the best results, you need to make sure that you are doing it right.  Follow these simple tips on how to use face masks.

  1. Always prep your skin before you apply the mask. Begin by washing your face with a good cleanser and exfoliating with a facial scrub. Focus on your T-zone.

    Next, use steam in order to open the pores of your skin. You can place your face over a bowl of hot water or use a steamer. You can also use a washcloth soaked in warm water and cover your face with it until it cools down.

  2. Apply your cream, gel, exfoliating or clay face mask in gentle, upwards motion. Spread the mask evenly on your upper neck, then work your way up to your face gently.  Make sure to avoid the eyes and lips.
  3. Make sure to use a face mask that suits your skin type. A mismatch can lead to skin problems so be careful in choosing a mask.
  4. Do not leave your face mask on too long. Going beyond the instructed time will cause more harm than good. Do as you’re told!  Set the alarm so even if you doze off, you’ll be able to get up and remove the mask in time.
  5. If you’re using a leave on/overnight mask, let it be the last step in your skincare routine. You do not have to apply moisturizer on your face after cleansing because the mask is packed with hydrating essence already.
  6. Do not wash your face after using a sheet mask. The rejuvenating agents should be soaked into your skin.  After you remove the mask, gently tap the remaining essence onto your face.
  7. When you use a clay mask, do not wait for it to dry out completely. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes only. How do you know it’s time to rinse? When it’s dry and a bit sticky to touch, it’s time to wash it off with lukewarm water.



A face mask should be a staple part of your beauty stash so you can easily reach for one when the need arises. Trust us, there’s no turning back once you get a dose of radiance.

Whether you’re nursing a jetlag, preparing for a big event or getting your long overdue R&R, treat yourself to a DIY Spa day whenever you can. Amazing face masks will not make a huge dent on your budget and time, so make it a habit to pamper your skin.

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