Best Eyeliner For Waterline Of 2017

Best Eyeliner For Waterline

Best Eyeliner For Waterline Of 2017

Eyeliner has been used to define the eyes and create a dramatic look as far back as Ancient Egypt. Throughout history, the cosmetic’s formula has changed to improve longevity, safety, and ease of application. One of the most recent innovations is eyeliner specifically designed to stay put in the waterline.

The best eyeliner for waterlines can make the eyes appear bright and open by defining the outline contours. It can also help to make eyelashes appear thicker without having to worry about smudging. So what makes this type of eyeliner so different?

What Makes Eyeliner for the Waterline So Special?

This type of eyeliner is different from standard options because it’s designed for application in a rather tricky spot: the waterline. The waterline is that small area of skin between your cornea and your bottom lashes. While it may not be noticeable with no makeup on, a dramatic smokey eye with thick eyeliner will cause this area to stick out like a sore thumb.

Many beauty gurus choose to line this area to complete the look. However, traditional eyeliner isn’t made to hold up in this spot. The waterline makes constant contact with the tear film. This protective coating on the eye is always wet with lacrimal fluidto keep the eyes moist and safe. Unfortunately, this moisture can cause significant running and smudging of the eyeliner.

Furthermore, applying eyeliner to the waterline can cause irritation. Also referred to as tightlining, the process requires placing foreign ingredients incredibly close to the eye. It’s not uncommon for small amounts of the formula to enter the eye through the waterline. Depending on the particular formula and its consistency, this can create irritation. Issues can get even more problematic if you wear contact lenses.

Eyeliner made for the waterline can eliminate these potential issues. It’s safe to use on this vulnerable area and is often easier to apply. Because it’s slim exposed to tears, formulas are thicker and harder. Their unique formulas are smoothly waterproof, staying in place until you remove it with a makeup wipe.

How to Choose the Right Eyeliner for Your Waterline

When it comes to choosing an eyeliner for your waterline, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the ingredients in the formula. Eyeliners come in a variety of colors, formulas, and even consistencies. While the right eyeliner is often a matter of preference, subtle differences in the way the eyeliner is made can make it better suited for your waterline.

The first thing to consider is the ingredients. Because it’s being placed in a vulnerable spot, the formula should consist of relatively safe components. Things to avoid would include parabens and other toxic ingredients. Parabens can be harmful to your reproductive system and possibly lead to breast cancer. Other ingredients can get into your endocrine system and cause a flair in allergies. Most eyeliners contain safe ingredients, but it’s always recommended to double check for harmful parabens and chemical components.

A number of manufacturers have their products tested for safety. Many of these eyeliners have a seal of approval and are labeled “Hypoallergenic” or “Ophthalmologist Tested.” These eyeliners contain safe ingredients for use around the eye and are clinically tested.

Another thing to consider is the consistency and form. Eyeliners are available in pencils, gels, and much more. For the waterline, it’s best to go with a hard pencil. These eyeliners are typically much thicker and require a bit of force to get on. However, the nature of the product prevents fallout and running. The thick consistency stays hard even on wet or oily skin.

Finally, choose an eyeliner that allows you to be precise with your makeup. Whether you decide to go with a hard pencil or a versatile gel, the product should be easy to apply. Many mechanical and traditional pencils are easy to shape into a fine point. When it comes to gels or liquid eyeliners, pay attention to the brush applicator. It should be thin and small to create fine lines.

Safety Concerns

Despite a clinically-tested formula, eyeliner for the waterline is not without its issues. One common problem that comes from applying product along the waterline is the possibility of having the ingredients come into contact with your eye. In fact, it’s not uncommon to have up to 30% of the product move onto the eye. The wax or gel pigment can spread along the tear film of the eye, resulting in blurry vision.

This issue can become problematic if you wear contact lenses. Eyeliner can adhere to the lens and cause spotty vision. Because of this, it’s recommended to go with a thick formula that can be freshened up before each application. Powder eyeliners and formulas with glitter pose the biggest threat. Pencils and thicker waxes should be sharpened to prevent loose particles from falling off.

Along with the issue of blurry vision, eyeliners can cause irritation and infection. Depending on the particular ingredients used in the eyeliner, you might experience pain, itchiness, and redness. Improper sanitization can also cause bacteria on the product to enter the eye, leading to potential health issues. To combat this, sanitize products regularly. Gel formulas should be removed from the pot with a clean spatula and applied with a clean brush. Hard pencils should be sharpened before each application to remove possible bacteria. As with any cosmetic, eyeliner should be covered and kept in a clean spot.

Top Eyeliners for Your Waterline

While each of these eyeliners is perfect for creating a bold and dramatic eye, they’re not all made the same. Manufacturers have adapted the basic formula to improve the look and performance of these liners. Here are the top 5 eyeliners for your waterline that can help you achieve a striking look without the smudge.

1. Vasanti Kajal Waterline Eyeliner

Vasanti Kajal Waterline Eyeliner

This mechanical pencil eyeliner is made with a synthetic wax base. It also contains natural jojoba oil to soothe the skin and remain safe for the waterline. Because it’s a kajal wax eyeliner, it glides on smoothly and creates a velvet matte line. The formula is free of harsh parabens and is made to be vegan-friendly.

The thin pencil can help you to apply the product precisely. It’s not the smallest on the market, but the rounded tip follows the contour of your eye for quick application. The dark pigment is quite bold and can achieve full coverage on a single swipe. It’s safe to use on the waterline and is even tested by Ophthalmologists and Dermatologists.


  • Kajal wax-based formula
  • Highly pigmented can create bold look in a single application
  • Applies smoothly to create matte finish
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Free of harmful parabens
  • Dermatologist and Ophthalmologist tested for safety


  • Thick formula can be difficult to remove

2. L’Oreal Paris Infallible Lacquer Eyeliner

L'Oreal Paris Infallible Lacquer Eyeliner

From one of the most popular beauty brands in the world, L’Oreal Paris, is this lacquer eyeliner. The product comes in a 0.08-ounce pot. For the application, a flat liner brush is included. This brush is designed to draw a precise outline. Available in a variety of colors, the lacquer formula is intense and has a shiny finish.

The eyeliner can last up to 24 hours without budging. The formula dries quickly after application and can stay smooth throughout the day without flaking or smudging due to oily skin. While not technically a waterproof formula, it can hold up very well against tears and oil. Because it bonds to the skin so tightly, it can also help prevent runoff into the eye. It’s also free of parabens and tested by Ophthalmologists.


  • Dries quickly to create glossy finish
  • Can last for up to 24 hours without issues
  • Safety tested for sensitive eyes and contact lenses
  • Free of parabens
  • Comes with flat liner brush


  • Thick formula can be difficult to apply
  • Product can clump up in pot
  • Required makeup remover to clean off

3. Tarte EmphasEYES Natural Inner Rim Eyeliner

Tarte EmphasEYES Natural Inner Rim Eyeliner

This eyeliner from Tarte is specifically designed for application in the waterline. It’s made predominantly from natural ingredients. It doesn’t contain any parabens, sulfates, gluten, or any other potentially irritating ingredients. Instead, it provides a bevy of ingredients with soothing properties.

Aloe vera is used to act as an antiseptic and retain moisture. Vitamin E is also included as an anti-inflammatory component that also helps preserve the product. Additional ingredients like antioxidants can help prevent potential damage from free radicals and leave the skin healthier than before. Even the pigment is achieved with natural minerals.

It comes in a thin mechanical pencil design. The thin design can help with precision and control during application. It also has a creamy consistency that glides easily on the skin.


  • Pigment is achieved with natural minerals
  • Contains Aloe Vera and Antioxidants
  • Doesn’t contain parabens or sulfates
  • Creamy formula can be applied smoothly
  • Comes in thin mechanical pencil design


  • Color isn’t as vibrant as other options
  • Pigment can fade throughout the day
  • Can clump if too much pressure is applied

4. Maybelline New York Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner

Maybelline New York Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner

From Maybelline is this waterproof gel liner. It comes in a sizable pot that holds 0.106 ounces of product. A precision brush is included for application. The brush is shaped to fit the contours of your hand, which can help make the application more comfortable and steady.

The formula has a clear gel base rather than an oil or wax base. This helps create a thick and creamy consistency that can be applied many different ways. It dries quickly and can last up to 24 hours without smudging or flaking into the eye. Regarding pigmentation, the eyeliner is very concentrated. It’s available in 4 different colors and creates a shiny appearance when it dries.


  • Waterproof formula can help prevent leaks into the eye
  • Can last up to 24 hours
  • Dries quickly and produces a shiny appearance
  • Comes with comfortable precision brush


  • Gel formula can dry out in pot
  • Doesn’t contain natural ingredients

5. Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner

Available in 15 bold colors, this eyeliner from Stila is very versatile. It’s a liquid liner that utilizes a felt tip for application. The tip is very thin, allowing you to get very precise and controlled lines. It acts as a marker and can achieve different looks by manipulating the applied pressure. The formula stays safe and protected from contaminants in the reservoir.T

he formula is waterproof and can dry quicker than gel liners. It’s also fragile and uses water as the base. Because of this, it’s also very light. The eyeliner can resist smudges and running from moisture and oil on the skin.


  • Liquid formula with precise felt tip
  • Product is protected from contaminants
  • Waterproof and resistant to smudges
  • Dries quickly to prevent running during application


  • Contains parabens
  • Formula can get grainy if left on applicator tip
  • Not as pigmented as other options


These eyeliners are all perfect for getting in close to the waterline and completing a dramatic eye. However, the waterline eyeliner from Vasanti stands out from the other options due to its formula and effectiveness as a cosmetic product. At the end of the day, you want an eyeliner that produces a great look. The Vasanti liner does that and so much more.

It’s thick wax base is ideal for creating a striking look. However, it’s not difficult to apply onto the skin. The inclusion of jojoba oil creates a creamy texture that glides on the waterline to leave behind a highly-pigmented outline.

Not only that but the formula is very safe on the skin. It’s suitable for even sensitive eyes thanks to the lack of parabens and harsh ingredients. The manufacturer put the eyeliner through heavy testing for both safety and appearance, resulting in a high-quality liner that delivers. It can help define your eyes and create a striking makeup look without the issues associated with lining your waterline.

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