5 Best Eyeshadow Choices: How To Pick The Right Product From Blue To Brown Eyes

What would the world of women be without make-up? You know what your best features are so you want to enhance them. Just think how you can hide any blemishes by using foundation and how luscious your lips look when you use the right lipstick.

And to give a more perfect effect you add a little blusher. You may not need to wear make-up all the time, but you are aware of the difference it makes to your look.

Considering that eyes are often the first thing that people notice, it’s not surprising to know that eye shadow is important to your make-up kit. If you choose the right one it will enhance your eyes by bringing out the color. There is a vast choice to decide from in both liquid and matte eyeshadow palette.

Should the skin around your eyes be sallow, using eye shadow will help make your eyes look more awake. Even if you don’t have sallow skin the eye shadow will give your eyes a much more lively look.

Whatever you are looking for, whether it’s a product offering subtle colors or bold hues there is one out there just waiting for you. Maybe you like soft textures or a creamy product. Perhaps you are looking for an eyeshadow stick that is easy to apply or one that is long lasting. No matter what, you can be sure to find one that will suit your style and look.

To help you chose the right product we have compiled a list of our 5 favorite eye shadows. The list includes products for every budget, skin tone and eye color. Even the more expensive product is good value as it lasts a long time. Buying a product that will enhance your best feature is always money well spent.


Our 5 Top Rated Eye shadows

With so much choice on the market it’s hard to decide which one to buy. The following list is of the 5 best eyeshadow choices on the market. There will definitely be the right one for you among them, as each one has a special feature.

1. Neutrogena Crease Proof Eye Shadow

The Neutrogena exceeds all others in its function, simplicity and packaging. The unique shape of the eye shadow makes it look more like a lipstick! It has a wonderful array of colors to choose from ranging from plum to golden hue. To make it long lasting it comes together with a built-in primer and you don’t have to worry about it fading or creasing.

A perfect product if you have sensitive eyes as its special ingredients help protect them against sensitivity. As with all Neutrogena products it is ideal for your skin. It stays on without flaking after a couple of hours. If you’re looking for something that you can put on lightly for daywear but wear darker for nighttime then this is the right product for you.

It’s perfect for everyday use because of the subtle colors so it may not be appreciated if you like wearing bold colors. It’s made a well-deserved place on our list because it is affordable, of good quality and functions well.


  • The Neutrogena is simple to apply
  • It helps protect your skin
  • There is no problem in blending it in

  • There are only two colors to choose from
  • The colors do not match those described


2. Touch in SOL Metallist Liquid

A must if you are looking for a liquid eyeshadow. Especially if you want to draw attention to yourself. You can take it anywhere with you as it is so compact that it will fit into your purse. The choice is yours; do you want to shine with glitter or just use liquid. No problem, one end of the eye shadow is glitter and the other is liquid.

If you like change, this is the one for you. You can just apply the glossy end or, if you’re out partying for the night you can add some glitter. It is so easy to apply as it has a smooth texture and you can choose from 10 different colors.

If you often suffer with irritation when you use eye shadow, you will be surprised to know that this product doesn’t irritate the skin. What’s more, it sells at a price that everyone can afford so if you’re working with a budget you don’t need to think any further.


  • The SOL fits into any purse
  • Its texture is really smooth
  • It can help achieve any look you want

  • Application is a little bit messy
  • You can’t apply the glitter alone


3. RMS Beauty Cream Eyeshadow Palette

Should you be looking for something unique then the RMS Palette is a must. Application is simple due to its creamy, smooth texture. Whether your eyelids are small or you have wrinkles around your eyes you will be amazed at how easy it is to apply and blend in. A further point is that it will help to moisturize your eyelids. As it is produced from ingredients that are harmless you can be sure of keeping your eyes healthy.

This could be just what you are looking for if you want something that will help your eyes to not only feel, but also to look fresh. It’s hard to believe that you will be able to benefit your eyes by wearing a stunning colored eye shadow. It’s also simple to apply using your fingertips. No need of an applicator or a brush. Basically, it’s a convenient option for all women, whether you are busy, older or just want to do something good for your eyes.

It comes in a choice of 5 colors so you just need to see which is the one that suits you and your needs best. This RMS is not exactly the cheapest product around, but it’s definitely long lasting.


  • The RMS is so easy to apply and has a smooth texture
  • A must for anyone with sensitive skin
  • It’s just right if you’re on the go

  • The texture may be too greasy for some
  • You need to be patient as application is rather time consuming


4. MISKOS Pressed Glitter Eyeshadow Palette

This glitter eye shadow is just right for girls who enjoy experimenting with their make-up. It has an endless array of colors ranging from blues to yellows, pinks and reds and many other colors. The MISKOS color numbers stop at number 30 so you have plenty of variety to choose from. It’s ideal for summer use as it’s waterproof. This also ensures that it stays on longer than average.

If you like wearing a bright eye shadow, this is the right one for you as it is strongly pigmented. It’s easy to apply so you won’t have any drama. Glitter and Sparkles are not everyone’s cup of tea. But if this is what you like then the MISKOS is good value for money. Although it has such a large range of colors, it is lightweight. Just what a girl needs to fit into her large purse when she’s out.


  • The MIKOS offers a variety of super colors
  • It has a sparkly, bright texture
  • Application is simple

  • It doesn’t have the best texture if you have wrinkles
  • It’s too large for putting in a clutch


5. LORAC Pro Matte Eye Shadow Palette

The LORAC Pro Matte Eye Shadow Palette is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a matte eye shadow option. It comes in a variety of rich colors that can be worn daily. The eight colors include brown hues and nudes, burgundy and mauve and one is even called ‘Chocolate’ – what more could a woman ask for! As the color concentration tends more to the brown hues and nudes it an excellent choice for green-eyed women. It will definitely make emerald eyes stand out and who isn’t looking for that effect!

It is an ideal choice for everyone as it has a real smooth texture so you will have no problem with application. It is made with natural ingredients that are good for your eyes. One of its highlights is the fact that it can be used dry or wet. So, you can use it as eyeliner or as eye shadow. The LORAC is just the kind of make-up palette that any woman wants.

On top of this it has a built-in mirror so you can apply it wherever you are, whether you are partying or at work. You can be sure that this long lasting eyeshadow will stay put for as long as you need it to.


  • The LORAC is of top quality
  • It offers a wide variety of colors
  • Its durability ensures that it stays on for longer periods

  • Application can be a little messy
  • Some women may find the colors too pigmented


Tips To Help You Make The Right Choice

When looking for a new eye shadow you need to consider a few points before coming to a decision. You need to think what will suit you personally and what occasion you need it for. The products mentioned above are among the best value for money on the market. But before deciding take a look at the following tips to help you make the right choice.

  • Choose a color that matches your skin tone. The fact that your favorite color is blue doesn’t mean to say that blue will look good on you. Pale skinned women should never wear gray or black even if they love these colors. Gray will make pale skin look paler which will result in a sickly look. But if you have a more tanned color to your skin you need to use richer looking colors for more effect.
  • Choose a color to help enlarge your eyes. Depending on the color of your eyes if you chose the right color eye shadow you will be amazed at how much larger your eyes look. For example, people with green eyes should wear deeper colors in beige or brown tones. These colors will enhance the emerald shade of your eyes. Cool colors and brown shades are the best if you have blue eyes and you want to draw attention to them. On the other hand, if you have brown eyes you can go for purples or pinks for effect.
  • Find the right texture for your eyelids. The texture you choose depends on the look you want to reach. Are you aiming for a natural, subtle look? Should you want to do this but also accentuate the color of your eyes you need to go for a matte eye shadow. But be careful, if you already have a problem blending eye shadow onto your eyelids, matte could be difficult to use. For long-lasting wear, you should think of buying a cream eyeshadow. It blends in well and is also no problem if your skin is more on the dry side. Possibly not the right thing to use if you have oily skin. For a long-lasting bold effect mineral textured eye shadow is the best option. It’s suitable for all eye types and is soft and silky to apply.
  • Recognize what your personal style is. Bright, bold colors are always eye-catching when we see them on a palette, but they aren’t the right thing to buy if you’re aiming for a more natural look. You’d more than likely feel like a clown after applying them. For women who like bold colors it isn’t a problem to wear blues and bright pinks. But if you feel more comfortable in a softer, natural tone then you should avoid the bright colored palettes. You also need to think about what look you are aiming for. There’s no point in trying out something that won’t suit you. You’d just be wasting your money and still don’t have that eye shadow that you need.
  • Ask yourself what you need. A big, beautiful palette with 30 colors is definitely eye catching when you see it in the store. But you need to consider how many colors you actually need. Bright strawberry pink and metallic green will not be suitable if you normally stick to your favorite colors. You should just look for a product that offers you the colors that you wear. That way you won’t be wasting money on buying something that is more expensive. Before you go shopping be sure to know exactly what you need.


If you are looking for a product that you can afford and are sure that it is made from quality ingredients you should consider buying one of the above products. They are among the best on the market so why don’t you choose one and try it out for yourself. They are all great choices of eyeshadow that stays on all day.

Once you’ve decided on the texture, your color preference and whether or not you need variety, it’s time to go shopping. Enjoy your spree!


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