Autumn and Winter Beauty Trends For 2019: Latest Colors, Trends And Styles

Temperature is still blazing hot but the fashion world is already gearing up for the cooler months of the 2019 to 2019. We checked out couture runways and summed up the latest beauty trends. Read on to discover what makeup artists and fashion moguls have cooked up for autumn and winter.

11 Makeup Trends That Rocked Fashion Week

During fashion week, we witnessed an eclectic mixture of beauty trends for the upcoming season.  From nude to retro to kaleidoscopic.  What we like about the different makeup themes is that designers brought out the beauty of diversity.

It gives every makeup aficionado a chance to take their pick and strut their way through autumn and winter the way they like. It’s time for you to choose your autumn winter look.

  1. No Makeup Look. Good news for fans of the “no makeup” look because it’s not getting shelved this coming season. This beauty trend dominated fashion week and was seen at Dior, Valentino, Gucci and Sonia Rykel autumn and winter catwalks.

    Makeup artists used sheer luminous makeup base which gave the skin a dewy finish and revealed adorable freckles. Make sure to take good care of your skin under the scorching heat of summer so you will have no trouble pulling off the bare face look.

  2. Pretty in Pink. Get ready to immerse yourself into pink makeup, well just in case you are not a fan of this color. It takes a while to get used to it but if applied right the result is breathtaking as seen on Armani Privé models.

    Whoever came up with this idea for autumn winter makeup, deserves to be crowned.  Can’t begin to imagine how the dreary cold months will look like with baby pink eyeshadow paired with pink lips.

  3. Peach and Pink Blush. Get ready to switch to peach or pink blush (whichever matches your skin tone better) because autumn 2019 won’t be complete without these natural hues.  At Balmain, radiant dewy look was paired with subtle peach blush which gave the models a healthy kind of glow.

    You can apply blush high on the cheekbones all the way to the brow bone or on areas where you normally apply contour. (Across the temple and on the hollow part of the cheekbone)

  4. Textured Brows. Park your tweezers because full brows will remain in fashion. Minimalist makeup ruled Fall/Winter catwalks and we can’t be happier that the trend for effortless beauty look is here to stay.

    To get the look, simply brush up your brows and keep them in place with a good brow gel like the cult classics Glossier Boy Brow or Anastasia Clear/Tinted Brow Gel.

  5. Blue Eyes. At Pamella Roland fashion show, cobalt blue liner was the predominant autumn winter makeup theme.  Blue lined eyes really popped out when they were paired with nude lips, barely there makeup and slicked back hair tied in a low ponytail.
  6. Fluttering Lashes. Start looking for a mascara that will pump the volume of your lashes.  Gorgeous Retro eyes were seen on the runways and we love it.  Pair it with smoky or neutral palette eye makeup and red lips.  At Givenchy, super baby-doll lashes were intensified by water lined eyes.
  7. Killer Cat Eyes. When summer’s over get ready for fierce eyes because simple flicks won’t be enough for the cool breeze of autumn and winter. We saw a lot of exaggerated eyeliner wings. Think overdrawn Cleopatra eyes.

    At Prada, winged tips reached the temples and gems were creatively placed for added drama.  We love the under the cat eye look seen at Cividini.  To copy this, use forest green eyeliner to draw cat eye on your bottom lid.  Leave the upper lid bare.  Apply 2 coats of mascara.

  8. Smoky Eyes. We were captivated by Tom Ford, Miu Miu and Area models who wore dark smoky eyes. It provided a beautiful contrast to the prevailing look of the season, the nude makeup. To vamp up your eyes, paint your lids with black, deep brown or gun metal eyeshadow.

    Next, use an angled brush to apply the same eye shadow on your bottom lash. Lightly dip the angled brush in water and into charcoal black eye shadow. Then line your upper lash line with it. Finish off with two coats of mascara.

  9. Silver touch. We love that touch of shimmery silver eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eye.  Look like an ice angel when you pair this look with super lashes and barely there makeup. It’s simple yet captivating. Or you can pair it with dark smoky eyes.
  10. Colored Lashes.  Fall/winter season is usually dominated with subdued colors but this time around, colored mascara might just be the thing you need to beat winter blues.Rock your Christmas or New Year’s countdown party with White, blue, yellow, pink or green lashes.  Pair it with barely there makeup and you are so good to rock the night away.
  11. Glossy Lips.  Don’t leave your lips parched this summer so they will be autumn and winter ready.  At Roberto Cavialli, smokey eyes were paired with glossy lips.  While at Viktor & Rolf, nude gloss provided an enchanting contrast to fierce eyes.

6 Hairstyle Trends For All Seasons

A good hairstyle is always a perfect complement to beautiful makeup.  We saw a gamut of styles during autumn winter fashion week.  Some left us dazzled while others are better left on the runways.

This upcoming season’s hairstyle trends is similar to autumn winter makeup. Natural is the way to go.  Nothing too fancy when it comes to hair too.  We really love how the styles can be done with little effort.

Here is a list of our favorite looks that will make anyone look great during the cold months.

  1. Slicked Back Hair. The runways exuded understated elegance with models wearing slicked back hair.

    At Alexander McQueen, low ponytails were slicked back while at Richard Malone, the entire hair length was slicked back and parted in the middle.

    If this look matches your face shape, grab a good hair gel or hair spray to make sure not a single strand goes astray.

  2. Messy Top Buns. We hope that this hairstyle will never ever fade into oblivion.  It’s something that you can wear all year round. All you need to do is tweak the style here and there to keep it looking fresh.

    We fell in love with Chanel’s slicked back hair which was masterfully paired with a messy top knot.  At Issey Miyake, a braided messy top bun looked absolutely divine.

  3. Center Parted Hair. This down to earth hairstyle can be worn wherever you go.  For a night of glam, just add bejeweled pins on your center parted hair.

    If you’re off to work/school, simply part your fringes in the middle and you’re good to go.  We think that this style is so versatile and effortlessly chic.

  4. Side Swept Bangs. We really love this blast from the past look seen at Fendi and Anna Sui, because it blends well with autumn’s romantic vibes. It also frames the face softly.

    We find that it works well with bobs, straightened hair or loose waves.  Avoid the blunt cut as it would not sweep well.

  5. Tousled, Loose Waves. There’s something sexy and bewitching about donning loose waves. It’s a welcome change to fall/winter straight hair look that we have gotten used to in the past.  To get this look, simply braid your damp hair and untie it when it dries up.
  6. Midi-Bob. If you are in the mood to chop off your long hair but too scared to go too short, opt for a midi bob. This hairstyle is classy yet laid back.  It’s actually perfect for 2019’s au naturel makeup look.

    How to style your midi-bob? Part your hair in the middle or get side swept bangs to copy the look from Lanvin and Tory Burch catwalks.

Seasons may change and so will fashion. Sometimes! As you can see, styles that looked great years ago are making a comeback. This proves you can’t beat the classics! You don’t have to look very far to look chic. Keep things simple. After all, as the saying goes, “There is beauty in simplicity.”

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