5 of the Best Eyeliners of 2017

There are tons of different eyeliners out there available to you and that’s what makes it so hard to choose just one. Especially when you have to choose between pencils, liquid eyeliner, and waterproof types, the task of choosing one just becomes even trickier. In this article, we’ll share out 5 best eyeliners for 2017 so try any one of these if you’re completely unsure of which eyeliner will perform well.


5. Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

This eyeliner is popular with makeup enthusiasts for easy application and consistent staying power. Stila’s eyeliner stays on all day and night with an easy glide and quick dry. It’s one of the best waterline eyeliners thanks to how precise it is, so you won’t have to deal with smudges, feathering, or running. If you need a quick touch up before night, this eyeliner works great. In addition to how easy it is to apply, the felt tip applicator won’t irritate your eyes. If you’re partial to liquid liners, Stila is a great option for a good price too.

  •  Very dark and easy to apply

  •   The point is fine enough to glide on

  • No smoking or flaking even in the heat

  • Lasts a long time before drying out

  •  Fades faster in hot weather
  •  Not a strong waterproof liner

4. Maybelline New York Eye Studio Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner


Maybelline’s liquid eyeliner boasts greater longevity of up to 12 hours without any problem. The color is so intense that it’s like ink, but surprisingly, it’s easy to apply too which makes it equally perfect for the eyeliner novice. The flow is continuous as well and the tip shouldn’t dry out, thanks to the ink technology keeping the pigments saturated while the spring cap keeps the formula fresh and ready to use. Even the tip is made specifically for that precise line you’re looking for since its ultra thin at 0.4mm. There’s no mess or excess with Maybelline, and the entire tube can last for months before you need a new one.

  • Does not pull on your eyes or smudge

  •  Even with oily eyelids, it stays on a while

  • Not too heavy, but easy to apply

  • If you open your eye before it dries, it may not dry right

  • It’s trickier to fix mistakes

  • Must be stored upside down to avoid drying

3. Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Liner


There are definitely those of us who prefer pencil eyeliners rather than the liquid versions, so take a look at Rimmel’s waterproof liner. Despite the fact that it’s a pencil, it applies ultra smoothly with a creamy formula that simply glides on. This liner is waterproof, smudge-proof, sweat-proof, heat-proof, and humidity-proof, so no matter what life throws at you, this liner will stay on strongly. It’s so precise that people are able to swish it on quickly before running out. If you have sensitive eyes as well, this is easy to apply and shouldn’t cause you any unnecessary irritation. Look for an instant color impact with a quick application before you get going.

  • Highly pigmented and deep black color

  • Super smooth and stays on all day

  • There’s no issue for those of you with contacts

  • Great price point

  • Even stays on if you fall asleep with no irritation

  • Difficult to sharpen it properly

  • Causes irritation when applied on the waterline

  • You can lose some of the product if you don’t sharpen right

2. NYX Mechanical Eye Pencil

NYX Mechanical Eye Pencil



There are both regular pencils and mechanical pencils for your eyes, and if you prefer the mechanical option, NYX is one of the best. The creamy texture of this eyeliner adds intense pigmentation, but it moisturizes at the same time too. Especially if you’ve got some busy days, this formula is known for how long it lasts, and how easy it is to touch up too. You shouldn’t have any problems with smudging or fading throughout the day or the night either. There are even 15 shades that you’re able to choose from if you’re not committed to black, or if you just want to try a new color for the day.

  • One of the best for waterline
  • Extremely waterproof with smooth application
  • No cakey feeling and does not irritate eyes
  • Easy to take off with normal remover

  • Some buyers prefer more of a point
  • Can leave prints on the eyelid after a few hours

1. L’Oreal Paris The Super Slim Eyeliner by Infallible


L’Oreal Paris The Super Slim Eyeliner by Infallible



L’Oreal Paris is well known for their quality makeup – eyeliner included! Their super slim eyeliner is certainly lives up to its name, clocking in at only 0.4mm. The ultra fine felt tip allocates the right amount of liner so lines aren’t runny or smudgy. With just one stroke, you can have those cat-like eyes. Thankfully, the felt tip isn’t irritating to most types of eyes too. The fact that this liner dries fast means you’re prepared to get going quickly, and since it stays on for 12 hours, you can use it for all day, all night, or just touch it up when they day’s done. Its ophthalmologist and allergy-tested, as well as being suitable for sensitive eyes. Even if you have problems with eyeliner on account of your contact lenses, L’Oreal has you in mind with this eyeliner.

  • Great for those of you just looking for a thin line
  • Can apply it over bare lids or eye shadow
  • Applicator is easy to use and extremely precise
  • Dries very quickly

  • Does tend to smudge more than others
  • Can fade around the lids


There are lots of available eyeliners out there, ranging from waterproof, liquid, regular pencils and mechanical pencils. No matter which type you prefer, you can definitely find some of the best right here. Don’t worry about sensitive eyes or difficult to apply liners when you can choose from one of these.

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