5 Best Refillable Cosmetic Containers

If you’re dedicated to sustainable living, you might want to consider using some forms of sustainable beauty packaging for your beauty products. Refillable cosmetic containers are not only environmental friendly, they can be extremely useful when you travel and only want to take along a small portion of shampoo or your waterproof foundation. Givenchy, for example, already tries to promote it with their refillable perfume container in order to encourage their customers to reduce their packaging use.

Using Refillable Containers For Traveling

While waiting for the beauty industry to come up with a proper way to make their products more environmentally friendly, you can start practising some sustainable beauty packaging at home by using refillable containers for traveling.

These are the 3 most popular forms that travel containers come in:

  • Stackable pots: They’re great when it comes to saving space, and really suitable for women who use a lot of beauty products at once. When traveling you can use them to store products like waterproof foundation, eye cream and moisturizers.
  • Individual pots: These are usually really light and most suitable for products that you won’t need to use too often or products that you want to take with you everyday in your purse.
  • Cylinder soft tubes: Probably the most practical of all when it comes to traveling, these are super easy to pack and are made of high quality soft materials. They’re best for runny liquids like your waterproof foundation.

Tips To Remember When Using These Refillable Containers For Travel

When opting for refillable containers for your travels, there are some things you should keep in mind:

  • In order to avoid leaks, always fill ⅔ of the container only.
  • For extra leak prevention, you can use a saran wrap under the lid of the container
  • Avoid really runny liquids – the thinner it is, the easier it is to leak through
  • It’s usually a lot cheaper buying these refillable containers in bulk instead of individually. You’d notice that most retailers tend to sell in bulk anyway.

Points To Consider

Since not all travel containers are made the same, these are some of the points to consider before making a decision:

  • Lids are the most important feature to consider and generally they can be either screw top, flip top or a pump with a cap. The type lid you choose should fit your needs and the type of product you’re planning to place in the container.
  • Material and durability. If you want your containers to last longer, make sure you’re getting once that are made from a nice material like silicone, which is both flexible and unbreakable.
  • Shape is really important, since you want your containers to be easy to store in your bag. Make sure you keep the shape and size of your toiletry bag in mind when deciding on travel containers.

5. Beauticom Quality Cosmetic Containers

These cosmetic containers come with black lids and hold up to 5 ml / 5 grams of product. They’re suitable for storing all sorts of beauty products like creams, lotions, makeup, lip balm, lip gloss, as well as small jewelry like charms and beads.

  • Well-made and non-leaking
  • Look great and classy
  • Can hold more than it seems

  • Jars tend to be very fragile
  • It’s difficult to get the tops off

4. Fiery Youth Aromatherapy Bottles

Those roller bottles come with stainless steel rollers, black caps and dropper. They are suitable for storing runny products like essential oils, perfume oils, or other liquids. Each container comes in a vibrant rose colour and is 10ml in size.

  • Convenient for mixing, carrying, and applying runny products
  • Well made roller balls
  • Coloring is cute and easy to spot in your bag

  • Caps sometimes screw on a little crooked
  • The color is a coating and comes off when exposed to alcohol

3. Vovotrade Cosmetic Tube Bottles


These tube bottles come in four different sizes to choose from: 20 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml and 100 ml. They are suitable for storing a wide variety of products like lotions, creams, cleansers, toothpaste, sunscreen and more.

  • Made from solid and flexible materials
  • Tubes can store and carry all types of products
  • No leakage with runny products

  • Not refillable
  • Opening is very small

2. Houseables Cosmetic Containers


These acrylic sample containers are available in 3 gram, 5 gram and 20 gram jars. They are marketed as convenient for commercial and independent retail as free sample containers, but can definitely be used for private properties for storing cosmetics and/or jewelry.

  • Lightweight and made of high quality plastic
  • Perfect for storing all types of cosmetics and products
  • Lid closes well to prevent leakage
  • Colored lids make them easy to find

  • Smaller than preferred
  • Lids squeak a bit when tightened

1. Teensery Containers With Sifter Lids


These plastic containers are 3cm high and easily screw together for compact storage. They come with a transparent body with a black lid and are perfect for storing products in the form of loose powder, since each container comes with a powder dispersion lid.

  • Great for storing loose powder products
  • Can even store small objects
  • Convenient since containers screw together
  • Big containers store a lot at once

  • Lids may come broken or are difficult to use
  • Many people received cracked products

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Whether you’re looking for a more sustainable beauty packaging for your beauty products or simply need a nice solution for storing cosmetics when traveling, refillable cosmetic containers are a great option. You can basically find them in all shapes and sizes, and you can even get ones that look nice.

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