5 Best Hair Crimping and Waving Irons

I have tried so many hair irons in order to find the best one to curl my hair. It seems like there are so many options these days that it’s easy to get lost amongst them all. In this article, I’ll share my top pick and whether a hair crimping or waving iron is the way to go.

Difference Between Hair Crimping and Waving Irons

Two types of hair irons that you can use to style your hair are the crimping and the curling iron. Many confuse the two types and are not sure what the difference between them is.

A crimping iron is really similar to a straightening iron, but has ridges on the heating plates that help you give your hair a crimped look with small waves. On the other hand, curling irons are usually cylindrical. They come with a metallic barrel and a plastic handle and are great for creating more pronounced waves and curls.

Factors To Consider For Hair Crimping Irons

If you decide to go for a crimping iron, here are some of the things to keep in mind when choosing one:

  • Size: If you’re looking to add some texture to your hair, than you can probably go with a smaller iron. The size of the iron should also fit your hair length, so small and thin irons will go well with short haircuts, while larger ones are more suitable for thick and long hair styles.
  • Plate technology: Common choices include metal, tourmaline or ceramic hair crimpers. Choose an iron with the plate technology that will work best for your hair. For instance, ceramic plates work best with thick hair.
  • Heat settings: There are 3 things you want to check – how fast the iron heats up, if the temperature can be adjusted and what is the highest temperature that the iron can develop.

Factors To Consider For Hair Waving Irons

If you’re looking for something that you can use everyday though, then try a hair waving iron instead. In order to choose the best one, make sure you check for these things before deciding:

  • The material that the barrel is made of: Just like in crimping irons, there are three materials that are mostly used for the barrel – ceramic, metal and titanium. The most popular choice is usually the ceramic ones, since they reduce frizz and prevent static electricity. The metal ones are the ones that heat up the fastest, while the titanium barrels are basically just like the metal ones, but with an extra heat-protective coating over the barrel.
  • Heat settings: Regardless of the type of iron you’re buying, you always want to look for one that will heat up quickly (so you don’t have to lose so much time in the morning waiting for it), one that will be able to reach high temperatures (max 450F) and one that has at least 5 different heat settings.
  • Safety: The easy access to the hot barrel means that you should be really careful not to burn yourself. The best irons come with a light that indicates the barrel is hot, an auto turn off mode and even some accessories like heat protective gloves that you can use.

5. Bed Head BH305 Deep Waver


This waving iron uses tourmaline, ceramic technology for softer, shinier waves without frizz. It takes 30 seconds in order to heat up and comes with multiple heat settings and a rheostat dial. It can develop up to 400F, has a locking switch for easy storage and a tangle free swivel cord.

  • Super easy to use
  • Curls hair in just a few minutes
  • Really hot; perfect for thicker hair
  • Has a switch to keep it closed

  • Not as great for shorter hair
  • Causes some frizziness

4. Revlon Perfect Jumbo Barrel Waver

This iron comes with 3 jumbo waving barrels, all made of Tourmaline/Ceramic for less frizz and more shiny hair. It heats up in just 30 seconds and can reach temperatures of up to 420F.

  • Works for both short and thin hair
  • Leaves natural looking and long lasting waves
  • Fast curling for long and thick hair

  • One barrel can become hotter than the other
  • A lot of pressure may be needed for clamping

3. Gold Hot GH3013 Tone Crimping


The Gold Hot GH3013 model offers to add volume and texture to your hair with its 2 inch gold tone plates. It comes with an ergonomic handle and heat indicating lights for convenience.

  • Perfect for thin and long hair
  • Works very quickly thanks to its heat
  • Heats up fast, and is hot enough for thicker hair

  • Can get hot enough to burn hair
  • Lower quality than other options

2. Revlon Perfect Heat Barrel Waver



This tool comes with 2 different heat settings and takes around 60 seconds to heat up properly. It comes with a triple barrel design – all of the barrels are made of baked ceramic and use ionic technologies for soften shinier curls and no frizz.

  • Great for thin hair that have problems holding curls
  • Really easy to use since it gets hot fast
  • Ceramic finish gives the hair extra shine

  • Sometimes there are problems with it not heating up
  • May be cheaper than other products

1. Bed Head Little Tease Crimper


The Bed Head Little Tease Crimper is a brightly colored tool that uses tourmaline/ceramic technology to give your hair some extra texture and volume. The crimping plates are 1 inch wide and it needs around 30 seconds in order to heat up. It also comes with a tangle free swivel cord for easy use.

  • Adds lots of volume
  • Still gives you a natural crimp
  • Easy to crimp the lower layers of your hair

  • Have to crimp relatively hard to get a good crimp
  • Crimping size is small

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Now that you know the difference between crimping and waving irons, you most probably know which type suits you best. Do you want to add some more texture and volume or are you perhaps looking for a more natural, beach wave look? Whichever you choose, make sure you get a nice tool that will stand up to your expectations.

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