2019 Best Highlighters To Get That Gorgeous Glow

2019 calls for a radiant youthful glow. Whatever look you intend to pull off, never leave home without strobing or dusting highlighter on your face.
We have scoured beauty shelves and tried out the latest highlighters that will help you get the best glow.
Here is a list to help you narrow down your search for an ultra-highlighter that will make you shimmer and shine come what may.
Please take note that the prices listed here are subject to change.

1. MAC Strobe Cream Hydratant Lumineux

It’s not surprising that this dewy face cream highlighter is a hit among makeup artists and bloggers.  It leaves a perfect sheen without hints of oiliness.

The effect is very subtle and dewy, so it’s perfect for day and night if you are going for the barely there makeup look.  Use sparingly because a little goes a long way.
MAC strobe cream is available in gorgeous five shades: Pinklite, Peachlite, Silverlite, Redlite and Goldlite.
Price: $34

2. MAC Extra Dimension Skin finish Highlighter

The sheer liquid powder illuminates softly so you do not have to worry about getting too shiny. It is a natural looking highlighter makeup that gives you a gorgeous glow.
This comes in 16 shades and its best to try them on to see which is best for your skin tone.  No need to retouch because your skin will stay luminous for up to 10 hours.
Price: $34

3. Benefit’s Watt’s Up Stick Cream Highlighter

This face highlighter without shimmer overload blends with the skin perfectly.  It leaves just the right amount of sheen. In fact, people won’t really notice unless light hits your face.
If you want a subtle glow without blinding glitter, Benefit’s Watt’s Up Stick should be in your makeup kit. The effect lasts up to 8 hours.

Price: $30

4. NARS Illuminator

You will definitely get hooked with one or all of the colors of NARS Illuminator. This amazing light reflector comes in 4 shades: Orgasm, Copacabana, Super Orgasm and Laguna.
What we love about this highlighter is that its translucent formula easily glides on the skin leaving it radiant and luminous instantly. It’s as if the light is coming from within!
NARS Illuminator is a natural looking highlighter makeup. Plus, it doesn’t wear off easily and stays on for as long as 8 hours.
Price: $30

5. Bobbi Brown Powder Highlighter

This highlighter gives off a truly radiant glow.  Although it is pricy, you will not regret adding this to your makeup collection.
The superfine powder blends smoothly and doesn’t leave harsh lines even if it is highly pigmented. It stays on for 7-8 hours.  There are 13 shades to choose from so take time to discover your skin tone’s soulmate.
Price: $48

6. Too Faced Love Light Prismatic Highlighter

This product features a liquid to powder formula that vividly illuminates without blinding. This highlighter lasts longer than the other products we tested. On bare skin, it stayed on for the entire day!
We truly adore the heart shaped metallic compact packaging. Love Light comes in three shades: Blinded by light (champagne), Ray of Light (rose gold) and You Light Up My Life (gold).
Price: $30

7. Stila Heaven’s Hue Highlighter

This compact powder works like magic. Its putty like consistency makes it bind with the skin nicely. If you prefer to have more sheen on your face, this product is right for you.
The finish is dewy, glossy and glittery. This gorgeous highlighter has a long lasting effect which can extend up to 15 hours.
Heaven’s Hue comes in three shades: Transcendence (opalescent pink for ethereal glow, Kitten (shimmering nude pink), Bronze (sun kissed glow) and Luminescence (Champagne Pink)
Price: $32

8. Maybelline Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter

Don’t you just love it when you stumble upon an amazing beauty product inside a drugstore?  Maybelline Highlighter is definitely one that illuminates and it will be one of your most affordable purchases.
What makes this beauty find flies off the shelves fast? Its intense pigmentation leaves a gorgeous metallic sheen on your face which stays on long.
Master Chrome comes in four high shine shades: Molten Rose Gold, Molten Gold, Holographic Opal and Holographic Purple.  The first two shades leaves a chrome finish while the latter two creates a prismatic sheen that changes in color when light hits.
Price: $10

9. Wet & Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powder

This shimmery almost metallic highlighter has an impressive level of pigmentation. Its texture is creamy and smooth which easily glides onto your skin. If you are after a wet, balmy, glittery glow, then head to your nearest drugstore and grab one.
This affordable and amazing highlighter powder comes in seven shades:

  • Diamond Lily (Champagne)
  • Blossom Glow (Icy Pink)
  • Precious Petals (Peach Champagne)
  • Botanic Dream (Rosy Pink)
  • Royal Calyx (Iridescent Lavender)
  • Golden Flower Crown (Gold)
  • Crown of my Canopy (Copper tint)

Price: $ 4.99

How to Apply Different Types of Highlighter

Applying highlighter is not simply dusting or swiping it on your face.  If you are not careful, you might end up looking like a tin can or disco ball.  Here are tips on how to properly apply different kinds of highlighter.

  • Apply small dots on top of cheekbones, bridge of nose, brow bone and Cupid’s bone.  Spread and blend with sponge or finger.
  • Use a light sweeping motion to apply on key areas for highlighting and then blend with a mini stippling brush or finger.
  • Pressed Powder. Dust highlighter on key areas with a tapered brush to get the best glow.
  • Sweep your highlighter to illuminate key areas. This is super pigmented so you need to blend well to get rid of the harsh lines. You can also rub the stick on to your fingertips and dab it on.
    • Loose Powder. Use a Fan brush or small fluffy brush to dust the loose highlighting powder on your cheekbones, nose, inner corner of eyes, brow bone and cupid’s bow.
    • Compressed Powder Balls. Dust the powder with a tapered brush on the areas of your face where light hits.
    • Liquid Pen. Apply directly on face with its brush tip and dot it on areas that you want to be highlighted.  Blend with your finger or sponge.

    How to Choose the Perfect Highlighter for Your Skintone

    Your highlighter should match your skin tone well in order to get the best glow.  It is best to try on the highlighters before making a purchase. Do not rely on Pinterest or Instagram feeds alone because what looks great on your friend may not have the same effect on you.

    Here’s a quick guide on the best highlighter shades to match your skin tone.

    • Pale to Light skin – Pearlescent, Icy silver and champagne sheen highlighters will make your skin radiant. Avoid shades that are too warm and with red undertones.
    • Medium Skin Tone— You are one lucky lady! All the colors on the illuminating palette will suit your skin tone. From Pink to Champagne to metallic shade!
    • Olive Skin Tone – Highlighters with Peach, bronze or Gold undertones blend well with your skin tone and will give you that gorgeous sun kissed glow. Avoid highlighters with pink undertones.
    • Dark Skin Tone— Rose Gold and bronzy shades look best on you. Avoid intensely pigmented highlighters and frosty or opalescent shades.

    Choosing the best highlighter for your skin will help you get the amazing, gorgeous glow whether it is day or night. Lastly, take your time in learning how to use a highlighter properly in order to maximize its beauty-enhancing benefits.

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